Mohegan numbers

How to count in Mohegan, an Algonquian language formerly spoken in parts of New England and Long Island in the USA, which is currently being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 nuqut nikôni
2 nis nahahtôwi
3 shwi shwut
4 yáw yáwut
5 nupáw nupáwut
6 qutôsk qutôskut
7 nisôsk nisôskut
8 shwôsk shwôskut
9 pásukokun pásukokunut
10 páyaq páyaqut
11 páyaq napni nuqut, naponuqut  
12 páyaq napni nis, naponis  
13 páyaq napni shwi, naposhwi  
14 páyaq napni yáw, napoyáw  
15 páyaq napni nupáw, naponupáw  
16 páyaq napni qutôsk, napoqutôsk  
17 páyaq napni nisôsk, naponisôsk  
18 páyaq napni shwôsk, naposhwôsk  
19 páyaq napni pásukokun, napopásukokun  
20 nisuncák, nisnicak
("two hands meaning counting both hands twice")
21 nisuncák napni nuqut  
22 nisuncák napni nis  
23 nisuncák napni shwi  
24 nisuncák napni yáw  
25 nisuncák napni nupáw  
26 nisuncák napni qutôsk  
27 nisuncák napni nisôsk  
28 nisuncák napni shwôsk  
29 nisuncák napni pásukokun  
30 swuncák, shwinicak  
40 yáwuncák, yáwnicak  
50 nupáw-cahshuncák  
60 qutôsk-cahshuncák  
70 nisôsk-cahshuncák  
80 shwôsk-cahshuncák  
90 pásukokun-cahshuncák  
100 pásuq (animate), pásuqash (inanimate)  
1,000 mutunôk (animate), mitônash (inanimate)  

- Stephanie Fielding: A Modern Mohegan Dictionary, 2006 Edition.
- Modern Mohegan Dictionary and Grammar prepared by Stephanie Fielding for the Council of Elders of the Mohegan tribe of Connecticut Indians, 2012.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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