Moose Cree numbers

How to count in Moose Cree (ᐃᓕᓖᒧᐧᐃᓐ / ililîmowin), a Central Algonquin language spoken mainly in Moose Factory in Ontario, Canada.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 ᑳ ᐙᐎᔦᔥᑌᒃ / kâ wâwiyêštêk
1 ᐯᔭᒄ / pêyakʷ ᓃᔥᑕᒻ / nîštam
2 ᓃᔓ / nîšo
3 ᓂᔥᑐ / ništo
4 ᓀᐤ / nêw
5 ᓂᔮᓚᓪ / niyâlalʷ
ᓂᔮᓚᓐ / niyâlanʷ
6 ᓂᑯᑣᔅ / nikotwâsʷ
7 ᓃᔂᔅ / nîswâsʷ
8 ᓂᔮᓈᓀ / niyânânêw
9 ᔖᑭᑖᐦᒼ / šâkitâhtʷ
10 ᒥᑖᐦᒼ / mitâhtʷ
11 ᐯᔭᑯᔖᑉ / pêyakošâpʷ
12 ᓃᔓᔖᑉ / nîšošâpʷ
13 ᓂᔥᑐᔖᑉ / ništošâpʷ
14 ᓀᐎᔖᑉ / nêwišâpʷ
15 ᓂᔮᓚᓗᔖᑉ / niyâlalošâpʷ
16 ᓂᑯᑣᓱᔖᑉ / nikotwâsošâpʷ
17 ᓃᔂᓱᔖᑉ / nîswâsošâpʷ
18 ᓂᔮᓈᓀᐎᔖᑉ / niyânânêwišâpʷ
19 ᔖᑭᑕᐦᑐᔖᑉ / šâkitahtošâpʷ
20 ᓃᔑᑕᓇ / nîšitana
30 ᓂᔥᑐᒥᑕᓇ / ništomitana
40 ᓀᒥᑕᓇ / nêmitana
50 ᓂᔮᓚᓗᒥᑕᓇ / niyâlalomitana
60 ᓂᑯᑣᓱᒥᑕᓇ / nikotwâsomitana
70 ᓃᔂᓱᒥᑕᓇ / nîswâsomitana
80 ᓂᔮᓈᓀᐎᒥᑕᓇ / niyânânêwimitana
90 ᔖᑭᑕᐦᑐᒥᑕᓇ / šâkitahtomitana
100 ᒥᑖᐦᑐᒥᑕᓇ / mitâhtomitana
1,000 ᑭᔐᒥᑖᐦᑐᒥᑕᓇ / kišê-mitâhtomitana


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