Penobscot numbers

How to count in Penobscot (pαnawαhpskewi), an Eastern Abenaki language that was spoken in Maine in the USA until the 1990s and which is being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 pèsəkʷ nə̀kʷəčəye
2 nis niséweye
3 nahs nséweye
4 yew yewéweye
5 nαn
6 nə̀kʷətαs
7 tὰnawαs
8 nsὰsək
9 noli
10 mə̀tala
11 nə̀kʷətαnkaw
12 nísαnkaw
13 nsὰnkaw
14 yéwαnkaw
15 nάnαnkaw
17 tαpawαs kehsαnkáw
20 nísinske
30 nsìnske
40 yéwinske
50 nάninske
500 nάnahtəkʷe
600 nəkʷətαs-kéhsahtəkʷe
700 tαpawαs-kéhsahtəkʷe
800 nsαsək-kéhsahtəkʷe
900 noli-kéhsahtəkʷe
5,000 nαnάmkʷahkki
10,000 mətala-kehsάmkʷakki


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