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Numbers in Nukuoro

How to count in Nukuoro, a Polynesian language spoken mainly on Nukuoro and Pohnpei in Micronesia.

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East Futuana numbers

Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 dahi
2 lua
3 dolu
4 haa
5 lima
6 ono
7 hidu
8 valu
9 siva
10 hulu
20 madalua
30 matolu
40 madahaa
50 madalima
60 madaono
70 madahidu
80 madavalu
90 massiva
100 lau
hundreds llau
hundreds and hundreds laulau
1,000 mano
thousands mmano
tens of thousands semada
hundreds of thousands seguli
thousands and thousands manomano

Source: Vern Carrol and Tobias Soulik. NUKUORO LEXICON. The University Press of Hawaii. Honolulu – 1973.

Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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