Mangareva numbers

How to count in Mangareva (Te Reo Magareva), a Polynesian language spoken in the islands of Gambier and Mangareva in French Polynesia.

There are two ways of counting in Mangareva: a binary system and a decimal system. The binary system gradually fell out of use due to influence from French missionaries from 1834.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 e tahi, ta’i
2 e rua, rua
3 e toru, toru
4 e ha, ’a
5 e rima, rima
6 e ono, ono
7 e hitu, ’itu
8 e varu, varu
9 e iva, iva
10 rogouru, takau
20 paua
40 tataua
80 varu
100 rau

Hear some Mangareva numbers:

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