Tokelauan numbers

How to count in Tokelauan (Gagana Tokelau), a Polynesian language spoken mainly in Tokelau and New Zealand.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 hēai, helo
1 tahi
2 lua
3 tolu
5 lima
6 ono
7 fitu
8 valu
9 iva
10 hefulu
11 hefulutahi
12 hefululua
13 hefulutolu
14 hefulufā
15 hefululima
16 hefuluono
17 hefulufitu
18 hefuluvalu
19 hefuluiva
20 luahefulu
21 luahefulutahi
22 luahefululua
23 luahefulutolu
24 luahefulufā
25 luahefululima
26 luahefuluono
27 luahefulufitu
28 luahefuluvalu
29 luahefuluiva
30 toluhefulu
40 fāhefulu
50 limahefulu
60 onohefulu
70 fituhefulu
80 valuhefulu
90 ivahefulu
100 helau
200 lua helau
300 tolu helau
400 fā helau
500 lima helau
600 ono helau
700 fitu helau
800 valu helau
900 iva helau
1,000 afe, tahi te afe
2,000 luaafe, lua te afe
3,000 toluafe, tolu te afe
4,000 fāafe, fā te afe
5,000 limaafe, lima te afe
6,000 onoafe, ono te afe
7,000 fituafe, fitu te afe
8,000 valuafe, valu te afe
9,000 ivaafe, iva te afe
10,000 hefulu afe


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