Numbers in Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi)

Information about counting in Hawaiian, with cardinal and ordinal numbers and notes.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 ῾ole  
1 ῾ekahi, akahi mua, mua loa, ῾akahi
2 ῾elua lua, kualua,
3 ῾ekolu kolu, hapakolu
4 ῾ehā ha, hapaha
5 ῾elima, ῾alima lima, hapalima
6 ῾eono ono, hapaono
7 ῾ehiku hiku, hapahiku
8 ῾ewalu, ῾awalu walu, hapawalu
9 ῾eiwa, iwa, ῾aiwa kanaiwa, hapa iwa
10 ῾umi ῾umi, hapa῾umi
11 ῾umikūmākahi (10 and 1)  
12 ῾umikūmālua (10 and 2) etc.  
13 ῾umikūmākolu  
14 ῾umikūmāhā  
15 ῾umikūmālima  
16 ῾umikūmāono  
17 ῾umikūmāhiku  
18 ῾umikūmāwalu  
19 ῾umikūmāiwa  
20 iwakālua  
21 iwakāluakūmākahi (20 and 1)  
22 iwakāluakūmālua (20 and two) etc.  
23 iwakāluakūmākolu  
24 iwakāluakūmāhā  
25 iwakāluakūmālima  
26 iwakāluakūmāono  
27 iwakāluakūmāhiku  
28 iwakāluakūmāwalu  
29 iwakāluakūmāiwa  
30 *) kanakolu  
40 kanahā, ka῾au, ῾iako  
50 kanalima  
60 kanaono  
70 kanahiku  
80 kanawalu  
90 kanaiwa  
100 **) ho῾okahi haneli, hanele, haneri hapahanele
101 ***) ho῾okahi haneli a me kahi  
102****) ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾elua  
103 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾ekolu  
104 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾ehā  
105 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾elima  
106 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾enono  
107 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾ehiku  
108 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾ewalu  
109 ho῾okahi haneli a me ῾eiwa  
110 ho῾okahi haneli ῾umi  
120 ho῾okahi haneli iwakālua  
126 ho'okahi hanele iwakāluakūmāono  
130 ho'okahi hanele kanakolu  
140 ho'okahi hanele kanahā,  
150 ho'okahi hanele kanalima  
160 ho'okahi hanele kanaono  
170 ho'okahi hanele kanahiku  
173 ho'okahi hanele kanahikukūmākolu  
180 ho'okahi hanele kanawalu  
190 ho'okahi hanele kanaiwa  
200 ῾elua haneli  
300 ῾ekolu haneli  
400 ῾eha haneli, lau  
500 ῾elima haneli  
600 ῾eono haneli  
700 ῾ehiku haneli  
800 ῾ewalu haneli  
900 ῾eiwa haneli  
1,000 kaukani, tausani  
2,000 ῾elua kaukani  
3,000 ῾ekolu kaukani  
3,002 ****) ῾ekolu kaukani a me ῾elua  
4,000 mano, ῾ehā kaukani  
4,352 *****) ῾ehā kaukani ῾ekolu haneli kanalimakūmālua  
5,000 ῾elima kaukani  
6,000 ῾eono kaukani  
7,000 ῾ehiku kaukani  
8,000 ῾ewalu kaukani  
9,000 ῾eiwa kaukani  
10,000 ῾umi kaukani  
40,000 kini  
100,000 ho῾okahi haneli kaukani  
400,000 lehu  
1,000,000 miliona  
1,000,000,000 piliona  
The year 1900 ka makahiki ῾umi kumaiwa hanele  
1987 ῾umikūmāiwa kanawalukūmāhiku  
1775 ῾umikūmāhiku kanahikukūmalima  



Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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