Palula numbers

How count in Palula (پالولہ), an Indo-Ayran language spoken in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 áak, áa aaweelíi
2 dúu dhuíima, dhuyáama
3 tróo traíma, trayáama
4 čúur čuríma
5 páanǰ panǰúma
6 ṣo ṣuíma
7 sáat satúma
8 áaṣṭ aṣṭúma
9 núu nuíma
10 dáaš dašúma
11 akóoš akaašúma
12 bóoš baašúma
13 tríiš treešúma
14 čandíiš čandeešúma
15 panǰíiš panǰeešúma
16 ṣoṛíiš ṣuṛeešúma
17 satóoš sataašúma
18 aṣṭóoš aṣṭaašúma
19 aṇabhíš aṇabhišúma
20 bhíš bhišúma
21 bhiš-ee-áak  
22 bhiš-ee-dúu  
23 bhiš-ee-tróo  
24 bhiš-ee-čúur  
25 bhiš-ee-páanǰ  
26 bhiš-ee-ṣó  
27 bhiš-ee-sáat  
28 bhiš-ee-áaṣṭ  
29 bhiš-ee-núu  
30 bhiš-ee-dáaš (20+10)  
31 bhiš-ee-akóoš (20+11)  
32 bhiš-ee-bóoš (20+12)  
33 bhiš-ee-tríiš (20+13)  
34 bhiš-ee-čandíiš (20+14)  
35 bhiš-ee-panǰíiš (20+15)  
36 bhiš-ee-ṣoṛíiš (20+16)  
37 bhiš-ee-satóoš (20+17)  
38 bhiš-ee-aṣṭóoš (20+18)  
39 bhiš-ee-aṇabhíš (20+19)  
40 dubhišá, dúu bhiš-á (2x20)  
50 dubhiš-ee-dáaš (2x20+10)  
60 tróo bhiš-á (3x20)  
70 tróo bhiš ee-dáaš (3x20+10)  
80 čúur bhiš-á (4x20)  
90 čúur bhiš ee-dáaš (4x20+10)  
100 áak sóo (páanǰ bhišá)  
200 dúu sóo/sówa (dáaš bhišá)  
300 tróo sóo  
400 čúur sóo  
500 páanǰ sóo  
600 ṣo sóo  
700 sáat sóo  
800 áaṣṭ sóo  
900 núu sóo  
1,000 áak zir  
2.000 dúu zára  
3,000 tróo zára  
4,000 čúur zára  
5,000 páanǰ zára  
6,000 ṣo zára  
7,000 sáat zára  
8,000 áaṣṭ zára  
9,000 núu zára  
10,000 dáaš zára  
100,000 áa láak  
10,000,000 áa kiruúṛ  


Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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