Numbers in Yakan

Information about counting in Yakan, which belongs to the North Bornean branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family and is spoken in Basilan Island in the Philippines by about 110,000 people.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 dambuwaˈ, dembuwaˈ (in counting objects)
kaˈissaˈ, dehellu
2 duwe pasunuh
3 tellu sika tellu
4 ampat  
5 lime sika lime
6 ennem  
7 pituˈ, pituh kapituˈ
8 waluˈ, waluh  
9 siyam  
10 sempūˈ, sampūˈ, sampuh  
11 sampuk dambuwah  
12 sampuk duwe  
13 sampuk tellu  
14 sampuk ampat  
15 sampuk lime  
16 sampuk ennem  
17 sampuk pituh  
18 sampuk walu  
19 sampuk siyam  
20 duwempūˈ, duwenpuh  
21 duwempuk dambuwah  
22 duwempuk duwe  
23 duwempuk tellu  
24 duwempuk ampat  
25 duwempuk lime  
26 duwempuk ennem  
27 duwempuk pituh  
28 duwempuk walu  
29 duwempuk siyam  
30 tellempuh  
40 ampatpūˈ, ampat puh  
50 limempūˈ, limem puh  
60 ennempuh  
70 pitumpūˈ, pitumpuh  
80 walumpuh  
90 siyampuh  
100 dahatus kadahatus
1,000 ibu  
50,000 limempuh ngibu  
1,000,000 million  

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Source: Yakan-English Dictionary, Linguistic Socliety of the Philippines. Manila, 2002.

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