Numbers in Madurese (Madhura / Basa Mathura)

How to count in Madurese, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken mainly in Madura Island and Java in Indonesia,

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 settong, sittung, tong, sa' 1) kapeng settong, ka settong 2)
2 dhuwa', wa' kapeng dhuwa', ka dhuwa'
3 tello', lo' kapeng tello', ka tello'
4 empa', pa' kapeng empa', ka empa'
5 lema', ma' kapeng lema', ka lema'
6 ennem, nem kapeng ennem, ka ennem
7 petto', to' kapeng petto', ka petto'
8 ballu', lu' kapeng ballu', ka ballu'
9 sanga', nga' kapeng sanga', ka sanga'
10 sapolo kapeng sapolo, ka sapolo
11 sabellas  
12 dhubellas  
13 tello bellas  
14 pa' bellas  
15 lema bellas  
16 nem bellas  
17 pettong bellas  
18 ballung bellas  
19 sanggang bellas  
20 dhupolo  
21 salekor  
22 dhulekor  
23 tello lekor  
24 pa'lekor  
25 sagame' 3)  
26 ennem lekor  
27 pettong lekor  
28 ballung lekor  
29 sangang lekor  
30 tello polo  
31 tello polo settong  
32 tello polo huwa'  
33 tello polo tello'  
34 tello polo empa'  
35 tello polo lema'  
36 tello polo ennem  
37 tello polo petto'  
38 tello polo ballu'  
39 tello polo sanga'  
40 pa' polo  
50 sa'iket 3)  
60 sabidak 3)  
70 pettong polo  
80 ballung polo  
90 sanggang polo  
100 sa'atos  
200 dhu atus  
300 tello ratos  
400 pa' atos  
500 lema ratos  
600 ennem atos  
700 pettong atos  
800 ballung atos  
900 sanggang atos  
1,000 sa'ebu  
2,000 dhu ebu  
3,000 tello ebu  
4,000 pa'ebu  
5,000 lema ebu  
6,000 ennem ebu  
7,000 pettong ebu  
8,000 ballung ebu  
9,000 sanggang ebu  
10,000 sapolo ebu  
100,000 saratos ebu, saketthe  
1,000,000 sajuta  


  1. Numbers in italics: A short form generally used for counting.
  2. To form ordinal numbers, the morpheme kapeng or its abbreviated form ka, occurs before the numeral.
  3. Madurese has dedicated numbers for 25, 50, and 60. In addition, while 20 takes a predictable form dhupolo (literally two tens), the numbers 21-24 and 26-29 take the ending lekor (20s). Thereafter the general case is to use the citation form following the 10s designation.

Madurese numbers supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl

Source: William D. Davies: A Grammar of Madurese. Berlin/New York, 2010.

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