Balinese numbers

How to count in Balinese (Basa Bali), a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken mainly in Bali in Indonesia.

Numbers from 1-10 have basic (B), combining (C) and independent (I) forms. The combining forms are used in higher numbers. Some numbers also have high register (halus) forms, which are indicated with italics. There are also some numbers derived from Sanskrit that are used in religious documents. They are marked (S)

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 (᭐) puyung, kosun, nol  
1 (᭑) besik ᬩᭂᬲᬶᬓ᭄, (a)siki, ᬲᬶᬓᬶ [siki] (B)
a-, sa- (C)
abesik, ᬳᬩᭂᬲᬶᬓ᭄, aukud, ᬳᬳᬸᬓᬸᬤ᭄ (I)
eka (S)
ané paling malu
sané kapertama
2 (᭒) dua, ᬤᬸᬯ, kalih, ᬓᬮᬶᬄ (B)
duang-, ᬤᬸᬯᬂ (C)
dadua, ᬤᬤ᭄ᬯ (I)
dwi (S)
ané nomer dua
sané kaping kalih
3 (᭓) telu, ᬢᭂᬮᬸ, tiga, ᬢᬶᬕ (B)
telung- tigang- (C)
tetelu, tetiga (I)
tri (S)
ping telu
4 (᭔) (em)pat, ᬳᭂᬫ᭄ᬧᬢ᭄ (B)
petang- (C)
pa(t)pat, ᬧᬢ᭄ᬧᬢ᭄ (I) catur (S)
ping empat
5 (᭕) lima, ᬮᬶᬫ [limə] (B)
limang-, ᬮᬶᬫᬂ (C)
lalima, ᬮᬮᬶᬫ (I)
panca (S)
ping lim
6 (᭖) (e)nem, ᬳᭂᬦᭂᬫ᭄ (B)
nem-, ᬦᭂᬫ᭄ (C)
ne(m)nem (I)
sad (S)
ping nenem
7 (᭗) pitu, ᬧᬶᬢᬸ (B)
pitung-, ᬧᬶᬢᬸᬂ᭟ (C)
pepitu, ᬧᬶᬢᬸᬂ᭟ (I)
sapta (S)
ping pitu
8 (᭘) (a)kutus, ᬓᬸᬢᬸᬲ᭄
kutus-, ulung- (C)
akutus (I)
asta, ᬅᬱ᭄ᬝ [astə] (S)
ping kutus
9 (᭙) (a)sia, ᬲᬶᬬ
sia-, sangang- (C)
asia (I)
sanga (S)
ping sia
10 (᭑᭐) (a)dasa, ᬤᬲ
dasa- (C)
adasa (I)
dasa (S)
ping dasa
11 (᭑᭑) solas  
12 (᭑᭒) rolas  
13 (᭑᭓) telu-las  
14 (᭑᭔) pat-belas  
15 (᭑᭕) lim-olas  
16 (᭑᭖) nem-belas  
17 (᭑᭗) pitu-las  
18 (᭑᭘) pelekutus  
19 (᭑᭙) siang-olas  
20 (᭒᭐) duang dasa, kalih-dasa  
21 (᭒᭑) se-likur  
22 (᭒᭒) dua-likur, kalih-likur  
23 (᭒᭓) telu-likur, tigang-likur  
24 (᭒᭔) pat-likur  
25 (᭒᭕) salaé  
26 (᭒᭖) nem-likur  
27 (᭒᭗) pitu-likur  
28 (᭒᭘) ulu-likur  
29 (᭒᭙) sanga-likur  
30 (᭓᭐) telung-dasa, tigang dasa  
40 (᭔᭐) petang-dasa  
50 (᭕᭐) seket  
60 (᭖᭐) nem-dasa  
70 (᭗᭐) pitung-dasa  
80 (᭘᭐) kutus-dasa, ulung-dasa  
90 (᭙᭐) sia-dasa, sangang-dasa  
100 (᭑᭐᭐) s-atus  
200 (᭒᭐᭐) s-atak  
300 (᭓᭐᭐) telung-atus, tigang atus  
400 (᭔᭐᭐) s-amas  
500 (᭕᭐᭐) limang-atus  
600 (᭖᭐᭐) telung-atak, tigang-atak  
700 (᭗᭐᭐) pitung-atus  
800 (᭘᭐᭐) domas  
900 (᭙᭐᭐) sanga  
1,000 (᭑᭐᭐᭐) siu  
2,000 (᭒᭐᭐᭐) duang-tali, kalih-tali  
1,000,000 (᭑᭐᭐᭐᭐᭐᭐) a-yuta  

Source: Made Windu Antara Kesiman: Parlons balinais. Paris – 2009.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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