Telling the time in Volapük

How to tell the time in Volapük, a language invented by Johann Martin Schleyer in 1879, and revised by Arie de Jong in 1930.

English Volapük
What time is it? Düp kinid binos-li?
It's one o'clock Binos düp balid
It's quarter past one Binos foldil pos düp balid
It's half past one Binos düpalaf pos bal
It's quarter to two Binos foldil bü tel
It's two o'clock Binos düp telid
It's quarter past two Binos foldil pos düp telid
It's half past two Binos düpalaf pos tel
It's quarter to three Binos foldil bü kil
It's three o'clock Binos düp kilid
It's quarter past three Binos foldil pos düp kilid
It's half past three Binos düpalaf pos kil
It's quarter to four Binos foldil bü fol
It's four o'clock Binos düp folid
It's quarter past four Binos foldil pos düp folid
It's half past four Binos düpalaf pos fol
It's quarter to five Binos foldil bü lul
It's five o'clock Binos düp lulid
It's quarter past five Binos foldil pos düp lulid
It's half past five Binos düpalaf pos lul
It's quarter to six Binos foldil bü mäl
It's six o'clock Binos düp mälid
It's quarter past six Binos foldil pos düp mälid
It's half past six Binos düpalaf pos mäl
It's quarter to seven Binos foldil bü vel
It's seven o'clock Binos düp velid
It's quarter past seven Binos foldil pos düp velid
It's half past seven Binos düpalaf pos vel
It's quarter to eight Binos foldil bü jöl
It's eight o'clock Binos düp jölid
It's quarter past eight Binos foldil pos düp jölid
It's half past eight Binos düpalaf pos jöl
It's quarter to nine Binos foldil bü zül
It's nine o'clock Binos düp zülid
It's quarter past nine Binos foldil pos düp zülid
It's half past nine Binos düpalaf pos zül
It's quarter to ten Binos foldil bü deg
It's ten o'clock Binos düp degid
It's quarter past ten Binos foldil pos düp degid
It's half past ten Binos düpalaf pos deg
It's quarter to eleven Binos foldil bü degbal
It's eleven o'clock Binos düp degbalid
It's quarter past eleven Binos foldil pos düp degbalid
It's half past eleven Binos düpalaf pos degbal
It's quarter to twelve Binos foldil bü degtel
It's twelve o'clock Binos düp degtelid
It's quarter past twelve Binos foldil pos düp degtelid
It's half past twelve Binos düpalaf pos degtel
It's quarter to twelve Binos foldil bü bal
midnight zeneit
midday zedel
in the morning göda
in the afternoon poszedelo
in the evening soaro
at night ün neit, neito
time tim
second sekun
minute minut
hour, o'clock düp
day del
week vig
month mul
year yel
season säsun
yesterday ädel(o)
today adel(o)
tomorrow odelo
last night äneito
tonight aneito
tomorrow night oneito
last week ävigo
last month ämulo
last year äyelo
next week ovigo
next month omulo
next year oyelo

Days of the week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
mudel tudel veddel dödel fridel zädel sudel

Months of the year

January February March April May June
yanul febul mäzul prilul mayul yunul
July August September October November December
yulul gustul setul tobul novul dekul


Spring Summer Autumn Winter
("flower time")
("heat time")
("fruit time")
("snow time")

Corrections by Hermann Philipps

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