Swedish birthday song

This is the song used at birthdays in Sweden. It is thought to date back to the 18th century, though the composer is unknown. The words and melody have changed somewhat over time. The song first appeared with the current lyrics in a songbook published in 1914, when it was used as a drinking song. Since 1940 is has been used as a birthday song.

Versions of this tune are also found in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, though with different words.

Ja, må han (hon) leva

Ja, må han/hon leva, Ja, må han/hon leva,
Ja, må han/hon leva uti hundrade år.
Ja, visst ska han/hon leva, Ja, visst ska dhan/hon leva,
Ja, visst ska han/hon leva uti hundrade år.


Yes, may he/she live, Yes, may he/she live,
Yes, may he/she live for a hundred years.
Oh sure, he/she will live, Oh sure, he/she will live,
Oh sure, he/she will live for a hundred years.

Lyrics and translation provided by Hjalmar Friberg

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