Bamunka (Ŋgieməkɔʼkə)

Bamunka is a member of the Central Ring Grassfields group of Southern Bantoid languages. It is spoken by about 31,000 people mainly in the North West Region of Cameroon, particularly in the village of Bamunka in the Ndop subdivision of the Ngoketunjia Division.

Bamunka is also known Bamuka, Bamunkun, Mbika, Muka, Ndop-Bamunka, Niemeng, Munka, Mekuoh or Ngiemekokeh. Bamunka speakers call the language Ŋgieməkɔʼkə [ˈŋgiěꜜmə́ˌkɔ̀ʔkə̌] and themselves Məkɔʼ [mə́kɔ̀ʔ].

A way to write Bamunka with the Latin alphabet was proposed in 2002 by Jeannette Ngeloh Takwe, a student at the University of Yaounde, in her post-graduate diploma dissertation, Structural Phonology of Bamunka. Other orthographies are available.

Bamunka alphabet

Bamunka alphabet and alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Bamunka alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample videos in and about Bamunka


Information about Bamunka

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