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Yemba (Yɛmba / Dschang)

Yemba is a member of the Grassfields branch of Niger-Congo languages and is spoken in the Western Province of Cameroon by about 300,000 people. There are five main dialects of Yemba, Central Yemba, Eastern Yemba, Western Yemba, Southern Yemba and South Eastern Yemba.

Yemba alphabet and pronunciation

The Yemba alphabet was developed by Maurice Tadadjeu, co-creator of the General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages, and Steven Bird, who between them produced a French-Yemba dictionary.

Yemba alphabet and pronunciation

Sample text in Yemba

Mbapndo a le gɛ, yí fu gɔ á náŋá, é cʉ̄’ wɔ ziŋ á zoko é gɔ.


The rat had said that he can not fully enjoy his life for daytime hikers.

Source: http://eveilyemba.org/les-proverbes-yemba/proverbes-inspires-par-le-monde-animal/

Details of Yemba supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Yemba


Information about the Yemba language

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