Sikkimese (འབྲས་ལྗོངས་སྐད་)

Sikkimese is a Southern Tibetic language spoken by the Bhutia (Denzongpa) people mainly in the State of Sikkim in the northeast of India between Bhutan and Nepal, and also in Koshi Province in eastern Nepal. There are about 70,000 speakers of Sikkimese

It is also known as Sikkimese Tibetan, Bhutia, Dranjongke (འབྲས་ལྗོངས་སྐད་), Dranjoke, Denjongka, Denzongpeke or Denzongke.

Sikkimese is closely related Dzongkha and there is some mutual intelligibility between them. It is less closely related to Tibetan, though many Sikkimese speakers also speak Tibetan, as well as Nepali.

For most of its history, Sikkimese was an oral language. After Sikkim became a state of India in 1975, Sikkimese started to be taught in schools in Sikkim, and a way to write it with the Tibetan alphabet was developed. By 2001, about 68% of Bhutia people were literate in their language.

Literature in Sikkimese includes novels, plays and poetry, and translations of Tibetan works. There is also one Sikkimese newspaper and several dictionaries.

Sikkimese alphabet and pronunciation


Sikkimese vowels


Sikkimese consonants

Sample videos in Sikkimese

Information about Sikkimese | Numbers


Information about the Sikkimese

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