Yola (Yola Taalke)

Yola is an Anglic language that was spoken in County Wexford (Countie Weiseforthe) in the southeast of Ireland from the 12th century to the late 19th century. It developed after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169 from Middle English, Norman French and Flemish, with influences from Irish. It was spoken particularly in the baronies of Forth and Bargy, and was also known as Forth and Bargy dialect or Forth and Bargy. The name Yola means "old".

By late the 19th century Yola was disappearing as a community language, however it continued to be used occsionally songs into the 21st century. Some Yola words are also used in the English dialect of south Wexford.

Yola pronunciation

Yola pronunciation

Note: there appears to be some variation in how words are written in Yola.

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Sample texts

Ee Loard's Pryre

Oore Vather fho ba ing Heaaven,
maade holly ba yer naame.
Yer Kingedom huck,
Yer woull ba doone,
an ee erth az 'tis ing Heaaven.
Gues dhicke dei, oore daaily breed,
an vorgee ouse oore treshpasses,
az wough vorgee foulk fho treshpass ayenst ouse.
An do no feigh ouse ta ee deem av mizluck,
mot brocke ouse vrem ee neckarès av villentie.
Vor yer is ee kingedom,
an ee poustee, an ken,
vor eyver an eyver.

Source: https://m.wikisource.org/wiki/Main_Page/Yola

Ee mýdhe ov Rosslaarè

'Cham góeen to tell thee óa taale at is drúe
Aar is ing Rosslaarè óa mýdhe geoudè an drúe
Shoo wearth ing her haté óa ribbonè at is blúe
An shoo goeth to ee faaythè earchee deie too
Ich meezil bee ing ee faaythè éarchee deie zoo
At ich zee dhicka mýdhe fhó is geoudè an drúe
An ich bee to ishólthè ee mýdhe, ee mýdhe at is drúe
An fhó coome to ee faaythè wi' ribbonè blue
'Chull meezil góe to Rosslaaré earche deie too
to zie thaar ee mydhe wee her ribbonè blúe
An 'chull her estólté vor her ribbonè blúe
ee mýdhe at is lyghtzóm, an well wytheen an drúe
Ich loove ee mýdhe wee ee ribbonè blúe
At coome to ee faaythè éarchee arichè too
Fan 'cham ing ee faaythè éarchee arichè too
To estóthè mýdhe wee ee ribbons blúe

Note: some accents were apparently added to this text to aid pronunciation.

The maiden of Rosslare

I'm going to tell you a tale that is true
there is in Rosslare a maid good and true
she wears in her hat a ribbon that is blue
and she goes to the faythe every day too
I myself am in the faythe every day so
that I see this maid who is good and true
and I go to meet the maid, the maid that is true
and who comes to the faythe with ribbons blue
I myself will go to Rosslare every day too
to see there the maid with her ribbons blue
And I will meet her for her ribbons blue
the maid that is enlightened and good looking and true
I love the maid with the ribbons blue
that comes to the faythe every morning too
when I'm in the faythe every morning too
to meet the maid with the ribbons blue

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yola_language#"The_maiden_of_Rosslare"

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