Numbers in Yola

How to count in Yola (Yola Taalke), an Anglic language that was spoken in County Wexford in Ireland until the late 20th century.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 oan [ɔan], oanès, ane, own, o’
2 twy, twye, twee, twine, twyne
3 dree [driː], dree, dhrie
4 vour, voure, vowre
5 veeve
6 zeese
7 zeven, zebbem
8 ayght
9 neen
10 dhen
11 eleven
12 dwalve
13 dhurteen, dhirteen
14 vourteen
15 vifteen
16 zeesteen
17 zeventeen
18 ayghteen
19 neenteen
20 dwanty
30 dhirtee
40 vorty, varty
50 viftee
60 zeestee
70 zeventee
80 ayghtee
90 neentee
100 hindreth, hundreth, hunderth, hundereth


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