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Names of the countries of Africa in local languages

English name Short local name Full local name Translation
Algeria الجزائر
الجمهوريّة الجزائريّة الديمقراطيّة الشعبيّة
(al-Jumhūrīyâtt al-Jazā'irīyât ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyâ aš-Šaʿbīyâ)
Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
Angola Angola República de Angola Republic of Angola
Benin Bénin République du Bénin Republic of Benin
Botswana Botswana Lefatshe la Botswana
Republic of Botswana
Republic of Botswana
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso  
Burundi Uburundi, Burundi Republika y'Uburundi
République du Burundi
Republic of Burundi
Cameroon Cameroun, Cameroon République du Cameroun
Republic of Cameroon
Republic of Cameroon
Chad Tchad,
تشاد (Tašād)
République du Tchad
جمهوريّة تشاد
(Jumhūrīyât Tašād)
Republic of Chad
Cape Verde Cabo Verde República de Cabo Verde Republic of Cape Verde
Central African Republic Centrafrique
République Centrafricaine
Ködrö tî Bê-Afrîka
Central African Republic
Comoros Comores
القمر (al-Qumur)
Union des Comores
Udzima wa Komori
اتحاد القمر
(Ittiḥād al-Qumur)
Union of the Comoros
Congo (Kinshassa) République Démocratique du Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo (Brazzaville) République du Congo Republic of the Congo
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Côte d'Ivoire République de Côte d'Ivoire Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
Djibouti جيبوتي (Jībūtī)
جمهوريّة جيبوتي
(Jumhūrīyât Jībūtī)
République de Djibouti
Republic of Djibouti
Egypt مصر
جمهوريّة مصر العربيّة
(Gumhūrīyât Miṣr al-ʿArabīyâ)
Arabic Republic of Egypt
Equatorial Guinea Guinea Ecuatorial, Guinée Équatoriale República de Guinea Ecuatorial
République de Guinée Équatoriale
Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea ኤርትራ (Ertrā)
إريتريا (Irītriyā)
ሃግሬ ኤርትራ (Hāgrē Ertrā)
دولة إريتريا (Dawlat Irītriyā)
State of Eritrea
Ethiopia ኢትዮጵያ
የኢትዮጵያ ፌዴራላዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊ (yā-Ityoṗyā
Fēdērālāwi Dimokrāsiyāwi Ripabli)
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Gabon Le Gabon République Gabonaise Gabonese Republic
The Gambia The Gambia Republic of The Gambia  
Ghana Ghana Republic of Ghana  
Guinea Guinée République de Guinée Republic of Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Guiné-Bissau República da Guiné-Bissau Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Kenya Kenya Republic of Kenya
Jamhuri ya Kenya
Libya ليبيا
الجماهيريّة العربيّة الليبيّة الشعبيّة الاشتراكيّة العظمى
(al-Jamāhīrīyâ al-ʿArabīyâ al-Lībīyâ aš-Šaʿbīyâ al-Ištirākīyâ)
Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Lesotho Lesotho Kingdom of Lesotho
Mmuso wa Lesotho
Liberia Liberia Republic of Liberia  
Madagascar Madagasikara, Madagascar Repoblikan'i Madagasikara
République de Madagascar
Republic of Madagascar
Malawi Malawi
Republic of Malawi
Mfuko la Malaŵi
Republic of Malawi
Mali Mali République du Mali Republic of Mali
Mauritania موريتانيا
الجمهوريّة الإسلاميّة الموريتانيّة
(al-Jumhūrīyât al-Islāmīyâ al-Mūrītānīyâ)
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Mauritius Mauritius
Republic of Mauritius
République de Maurice
Republic of Mauritius
Morocco المغرب
المملكة المغربيّة
(al-Mamlakâ al-Maġribīyâ)
Kingdom of Morocco
Mozambique Moçambique República de Moçambique Republic of Mozambique
Namibia Namibia Republic of Namibia  
Niger Niger République du Niger Republic of Niger
Nigeria Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria  
Rwanda Rwanda Repubulika y'u Rwanda
République Rwandaise
Republic of Rwanda
Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé e Príncipe República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
Senegal Senegal, Sénégal, Sounougal République du Sénégal Republic of Senegal
Seychelles Sesel, Seychelles Repiblik Sesel
Republic of Seychelles
République des Seychelles
Republic of Seychelles
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Republic of Sierra Leone  
Somalia Soomaaliya Jamhuuriyad-da Dimoqradddiya Soomaaliya Republic of Somalia
South Africa Republiek van Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans)
IRiphabliki yeSewula Afrika (Ndebele)
Rephaboliki ya Afrika-Borwa (Northern Sotho)
Rephaboliki ya Afrika Borwa (Southern Sotho)
IRiphabhulikhi yeNingizimu Afrika (Swazi)
Riphabliki ra Afrika Dzonga (Tsonga)
Rephaboliki ya Aforika Borwa (Tswana)
Riphabuḽiki ya Afurika Tshipembe (Venda)
IRiphabliki yaseMzantsi Afrika (Xhosa)
IRiphabliki yaseNingizimu Afrika (Zulu)
of South Africa
Sudan السودان
جمهوريّة السودان
(Jumhūrīyât as-Sūdān)
Republic of Sudan
Swaziland Swaziland, eSwatini, kaNgwane Umbuso weSwatini
Umbuso wakaNgwane
Kingdom of Swaziland
Kingdom of Swaziland
Tanzania Tanzania Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
United Republic of Tanzania
United Republic of Tanzania
Togo Togo République Togolaise Togolese Republic
Tunisia تونس
الجمهوريّة التونسيّة
(al-Jumhūrīyât at-Tūnisīyâ)
Tunisian Republic
Uganda Uganda Jamhuri ya Uganda Republic of Uganda
Western Sahara الصحراء العربيّة
(aṣ-Ṣaḥrāwīyâ al-ʿArabīyâ)
الجمهوريّة العربيّة الصحراويّة الديمقراطيّة
(al-Jumhūrīyâtu al-ʿArabīyâtu aṣ-Ṣaḥrāwīyâtu ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyâ)
Democratic Sahrawi Arab Republic
Zambia Zambia Republic of Zambia  
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Republic of Zimbabwe  

Recordings of the Arabic names of countries by Zein Al-A'bideen Ayyoubi.

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