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Celtic links

Links to website containing information about Celtic languages - mainly their historic versions, and about Celtic people and mythology.

British / Brythonic , Celtiberian, Cumbric, Gaulish, Leptonic, Celtic people and mythology

British / Brythonic

General information about British / Brythonic (a.k.a. Brittonic / Old Brythonic / Common Brythonic)

Brythonic languages

Celtic personal names of Roman Britain



General information about Celtiberian (a.k.a Northeastern Hispano-Celtic)

Information about Celtiberian



Information about Cumbric



General information about Gaulish

Gaulish glossary

Gaulish inscriptions

Modern Gaulish - a revived version of Gaulish



General information about Lepontic


Celtic people and mythology

Information about the Celts

Celtic mythology

Celtic symbolism



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