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How to learn any language

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Language Learning Advisor - A Guide to Language Learning Success

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Language Impact - Helping Language Learners Learn Language

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Free resources to teach your child to read

AIChinese helps you speak IMPRESSIVE Chinese in a short time! Practice pronunciation & tones! Self-learning via voice recognition 24/7. Sign up for 7-day free trial now.

Vittana - support people in developing countries to access the education they need through student microloans:

Language learning tips on Omniglot


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International Language School Guide (in Polish and English)

Internet Course Finders - a database of 10,000 institutions teaching 88 languages in 115 countries: - connecting learners and tutors of languages around the world

Eurolingua Institute - study abroad language programmes. Learn to speak like a native in 35 countries throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia and the Caribbean.

School of Language
Worldwide language schools directory. Find a School of Language around the world.

Eurolanguages - compare and book language courses

Language School Direct - global growing index of language schools - Find language schools worldwide

Worldwide language schools directory - find a language school around the world

Education Online - find colleges and universities in the USA - free college search and information site

e College Finder - find online colleges and degrees - Alle Sprachkurse Sprachschulen Sprachreisen im Netz:

EducationStars - Reviews of language courses and schools


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Reviews of Rocket Languages, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur and Transparent language course:

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Learn a language in just 15 minutes a day with Lexikeet

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