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Links: Your name in... and information about names

Links to websites which show you how to write your name in a variety of alphabets and writing systems, and to other sites that provide information about the meanings and origins of names.

Please note that there is a difference between translating a name and transliterating a name. The former involves finding the meaning of the name and then trying to find a name with the same or a similar meaning in another language. The latter involves using a different writing system to represent the sounds of the name.

For example the name Anna comes from the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Hannah), which means "favor" or "grace". Transliterations of Anna in other writing systems include Άννα (Greek), Анна (Cyrillic), Աննա (Armenian), ანა (Georgian) and アナ (Japanese Katakana).

Names with similar meanings to Anna, i.e. translations, include Amara (Igbo), Armo (Finnish), فضل (Fadl - Arabic), लावण्या (Lavanya - Sanskrit), and سناز (Sanaz - Persian).

Your name in ....

Other information about names

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Arabic and Muslim names

Transliterate your name into Arabic

Arabic Translation

Information about Muslim names

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Information about Arabic | Phrases in Arabic | Tower of Babel in Arabic | Arabic links | Arabic learning materials | Books about the Arabic script | Arabic electronic dictionaries and translators


Armenian names with their meanings

Information about Armenian | Eastern Armenian phrases | Western Armenian phrases | Tower of Babel in Armenian


Babylonian Cuneiform

Transliterate your name into Babylonian Cuneiform


Transliterate your name into Braille

Information about Braille




Transliterate your name into Chinese

Information about Mandarin | Phrases | Numbers | Kinship terms | Time expressions | Mandarin links | My Mandarin learning experiences | Mandarin learning materials

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Transliterate your name into Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian language and Hieroglyphs | Hieratic script | Demotic script | Coptic alphabet | Links | Books about Ancient Egyptian



Information about Elvish names and the Tengwar alphabet

Main Tengwar page, Tengwar for English, Tengwar for Hungarian, Tengwar for Icelandic, Tengwar for Portugese, Tengwar for Scottish Gaelic (1), Tengwar for Scottish Gaelic (2), Tengwar for Spanish, Tengwar for Latin American Spanish, Tengwar for Welsh


Transliterate your name into Greek

Information about Greek names

Information about Greek | Modern Greek phrases | Ancient Greek phrases | Tower of Babel in Modern Greek | Tower of Babel in Ancient Greek | Greek links | Greek learning materials | Books about the Greek alphabet



Information about Hawaiian names

Information about Hawaiian | Hawaiian phrases | Hawaiian numbers | Tower of Babel in Hawaiian |

Hebrew Translation


Transliterate your name into the Hebrew script

Information about Hebrew names

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Information about Hebrew | Hebrew phrases | Hebrew numbers | Tower of Babel in Hebrew | Biblical Hebrew video lessons | Modern Hebrew video lessons | Hebrew links | Hebrew learning materials


Transliterate or translate your name into the Devanagari script

Hindi Translation

Names from India in many different languages

Indian names and their meanings

Hindi names

Information about Hindi | Hindi phrases | Hindi numbers | Hindi kinship words | Tower of Babel in Hindi | Hindi learning materials | Electronic dicitonaries and translators for Hindi


Sanskrit Translation

Sanskrit names


Information about Sanskrit | Sanskrit phrases | Tower of Babel in Sanskrit


Irish names

Ainmneacha Gaelacha (Information about Irish names)

Baby Names of Ireland

Irish surnames

Information about Irish | Phrases | Numbers | Colours | Kinship terms | Tower of Babel | Songs | My Irish learning experiences | Learning materials | Links


Information about Italian names

Information about Italian | Phrases | Kinship terms | Colours | Numbers | Tower of Babel | Links | Learning materials


Japanese Translation


Transliterate your name into Japanese

Information about Japanese names

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Japanese language | Written Japanese | Hiragana | Katakana | Kanji | Rōmaji | Phrases | Numbers | Colours | Tower of Babel | Japanese links | Learning materials | My Japanese learning experiences



Transliterate your name into Korean (hangul)

Information about Korean | Korean phrases | Korean numbers | Korean colours | Tower of Babel in Korean | Korean learning materials | Korean links


Latin name generators

Information about the Latin alphabet | Information about the Latin language | Latin phrases | Tower of Babel in Latin | Latin learning materials

Native Amerian

Information about Native American names


Information about Nordic names (from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands)



Information about Pashto Names / پښتو نومونه

Information about Pashto | Pashto phrases | Pashto learing materials


Information about Persian/Iranian names

Information about Persian | Persian phrases | Persian numbers | Tower of Babel in Persian | Persian learning materials


Transliterate your name into Runes


You name in Russian

Information about Russian | Russian phrases | Russian idioms | Tower of Babel in Russian | Russian links | My Russian learning experiences | Russian learning materials

Scottish Gaelic

Information Scottish Gaelic names

Information about Scottish Gaelic | Phrases | Numbers | Kinship terms | Tower of Babel | Songs | Links | My Gaelic learning experiences | Learning materials


Tagalog (Alibata/Baybayin)

Transliterate your name into Tagalog

Information about Tagalog | Tagalog phrases | Numbers in Tagalog | Tower of Babel in Tagalog | Tagalog learning materials

Thai Translation


Information about Thai names - Learn Thai with Free Podcasts

Information about Thai | Thai phrases | Tower of Babel in Thai | Thai learning materials

Tamil Translation


Information about Tamil names

Information about Tamil | Useful phrases in Tamil | Numbers in Tamil | Tower of Babel in Tamil | Tamil language learning materials



Transliterate your name into Tibetan

Tibetan translation and tattoos

Information about Tibetan | Tibetan phrases | Tower of Babel in Tibetan | Tibetan learning materials


1000 Turkish proper names with meanings and audio pronunciations

Information about Turkish | Turkish phrases | Kinship terms in Turkish | Numbers in Turkish | Tower of Babel in Turkish | Turkish learning materials


Welsh names and what they mean

Information about Welsh | Phrases | Numbers | Kinship terms | Songs | Tower of Babel | Braille for Welsh | Welsh links | My Welsh learning experiences | Welsh learning materials


Other information about names

Hindi Translation

Babynology - names and what they mean

20,000 names from around the world

Names from all over the world

What's in a name - The varying use of first and family names in different countries and cultures:

Gujarati Translation

Namespedia - information about names from around the world

Namepedia - the name database

Cute Baby Names - information about names from all over the world

Quick Baby Names