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Links to online Spanish language resources

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Information about the Spanish language

Real Academia Español

Online Spanish lessons and other resources for learners

Rocket Languages Spanish

Online Spanish lessons
Spanish Learn Online

Lyceum Español - a different way to learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish Classes in Los Angeles

Learn a Language - Easy, Fast & Fun. As Seen on TV!Find Spanish Tutors
Say Something In Spanish
Learn Spanish online with SpanishPod101
Spanish learning software
Learn Spanish with Glossika - Fluency is Confidence. Start speaking today!
Learn to speak Spanish with Rocket Spanish
Learn spanish with video lessons
Learn Spanish online
Language tutors anytime, anywhere at
Learn Spanish faster

Find Spanish Tutors, Teachers and Lesson Help

How to speak Columbian Spanish

Spanish lesson plans for teachers and homeschoolers

Learn Spanish songs and stories

Spanish sayings

Spanisch Lernen kostenlos bei Lengalia

Tips on learning Spanish, links to online courses and Spanish language schools

Sites for learning Spanish vocabulary

Spanish in a basket - Spanish language courses for children

Online Spanish grammar lessons

Free Games for learning Spanish

Learn Spanish verb conjugations

Spanish spell checker

Collections of Spanish phrases (some with audio)

Actualidades: Blogueando para aprender

Learn Spanish grammar through interactive lessons/exercises

VeinteMundos - a free online Spanish magazine for learners

Spanish resources

Medical Spanish

Check your level of Spanish

Spanish learning resources

Free Spanish audiobooks (audiolibros)

Children's stories in Spanish

Free Spanish podcasts

Free Spanish study guide

Guides to Spanish language resources and courses

Spanish Level Test and other resources

Spanish dictionaries

Online Spanish dictionaries

Spanish Electronic talking dictionaries

Online Spanish Thesauruses

A biographical dictionary in Spanish with more than 25,000 biographies of famous people:

Spanish translation

Online Spanish translation sites

Spanish language radio and TV

Online Spanish language radio

Spanish language newspapers

Online Spanish newspapers

Online Spanish comics and cartoons

Recursos de aprendizaje de idiomas en línea para hispanohablantes

Cursos de aléman,,4640,00.html

Cursos de chino

Cursos de francés

Cursos de hollandés

Learn Spanish grammar through interactive lessons/exercises

Cursos de inglés

Cursos de japonés

Cursos de portugués

Cursos de ruso

Spanish pages on Omniglot

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