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German (Deutsch)

I studied German for six years at secondary school from the age of 12-18 (1982-1988). I chose to study it because I enjoy learning languages seem to have a talent for it. After four years of learning German I wanted to continue with my studies but no one else in my school did so I had to transfer to a different school. Outside class I practiced my German by listening to German language radio stations and reading German books.

My first visit to Germany was in 1984 when I spent a week in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, with some friends of my neighbours in England. Since then I have been back to Germany once and to Austria a couple of times.

Originally I was planning to continue my studies of German at university. Then it occurred to me that studying a more unusual language, such as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, might be more interesting and might enhance my future employment prospects.

I can still understand, read and speak German fairly well, and try to practise using it as often as I can, particularly in the polyglot conversation group I run.

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