Mangareva (Te Reo Magareva)

Mangareva is a Polynesian language spoken in the islands of Gambier and Mangareva of French Polynesia. According to the 2011 census, there are about 600 speakers of Mangareva. It is closely related to Tahitian, Rarotongan, Tuamotuan and Marquesan.

Mangareva was first written by French missionaries in the late 19th century. A number of dictionaries of Mangareva were published in the 19th century, and a grammar of Mangareva was published in French in France in 1908. Other works on the language have been published since then.

Mangareva alphabet and pronunciation

Mangareva alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text in Mangareva

E nana hohonu a ketuketuranga nei, pe ea te reo Mangareva me ‘akaeva porotu ia me ‘akaora akaou ia mo a mau toromiki no a ao ka puta mai ai. E makaraia e ata a ketuketuranga nei pe ‘ea te reo Mangareva me te vavaraka pouga e ‘akamau ki roto ki te oraranga, ka ‘akamaukikia tona ‘akaoraranga.


The research will explore how Mangarevan language can be best protected and revived for future generations. It is hoped that the research will influence the way Mangarevan language and traditional knowledge is incorporated into everyday life to ensure its survival.

Source: Mangarevan - A Shifting Language by Ena Manuireva


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Information about Mangareva | Numbers


Information about Mangareva

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