Numbers in Shetlandic

How to count in Modern Shetlandic Scots (Shaetlan), a variety of Insular Scots with Norn influences spoken in Shetland.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ae, ane, wan, een first
2 twa, two seicont
3 tree third
4 fower fowert
5 five fift
6 sax, six saxt
7 seiven, seeven seivent
8 aicht, eight aicht
9 nine nint
10 ten tent
11 eleiven, eleeven eleivent
12 twal twalt
13 thriteen, therteen thirteent
14 fowerteen, forteen fowerteent
15 fifteen fifteent
16 saxteen, sixteen saxteent
17 seiventeen, seeventeen seiventeent
18 aichteen, eighteen aichteent
19 nineteen nineteent
20 twinty twintiet
21 twinty-ane twinty-first
22 twinty-twa twinty-seicont
23 twinty-tree twinty-third
24 twinty-fower twinty-fowert
25 twinty-five twinty-fift
26 twinty-sax twinty-saxt
27 twinty-seiven twinty-seivent
28 twinty-aicht twinty-aicht
29 twinty-nine twinty-nint
30 thirty, thritty thirtiet
40 fowerty fowertiet
50 fivety fiftiet
60 saxty saxtiet
70 seiventy seiventiet
80 aichty aichtiet
90 ninety nintiet
100 hundert
1,000 thoosand

Information about counting in Shetlandic

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