Numbers in Gothic (gutiska)

How to count in Gothic, an East Germanic language spoken in parts of Crimea until the 17th century.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 áins fruma (frumists)
2 twái anþar
3 þrija (neut.) þridja
4 fidwōr  
5 fimf fimfta-
6 saíhs saíhsta
7 sibun  
8 ahtáu ahtuda
9 niun niunda
10 taíhun taíhunda
11 *áinlif (dat. áinlibim) áinlifta
12 twalif (dat. twalibim) twalifta
14 fidwōrtaíhun fidwōrtaíhunda
15 fimftaíhun fimftataíhunda (dat. fimftataíhundin)
16 saíhstaíhun saíhstaíhunda
17 sibuntaíhun sibuntaíhunda
18 ahtautaíhun ahtautaíhunda
19 niuntaíhun niuntaíhunda
20 twái tigjus  
30 *þreis tigjus (acc. þrins tiguns)  
40 fidwōr tigjus  
50 fimf tigjus  
60 saíhs tigjus  
70 sibuntēhund  
80 ahtáutēhund  
90 niuntēhund (gen. niuntēhundis)  
100 taíhuntēhund, taíhuntaíhund  
200 twa hunda  
300 þrija hunda  
500 fimf hunda  
900 niun hunda  
1,000 þūsundi  
2,000 twōs þūsundjōs  
3,000 g (= þreis) þūsundjōs  
4,000 fidwōr þūsundjōs  
5,000 fimf þūsundjōs  
10,000 dat. taíhun þūsundjōm  
20,000 dat. twáim tigum þūsundjō  

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