Useful phrases in Batsbi

A collection of useful phrases in Batsbi (ბაცბურ მოტტ), a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in eastern Georgia.

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Key to abbreviations: >m = said by males, >f = said by females, m = said by males, f = said by females

Phrase ბაცბურ მოტტ (Batsbi)
Hello (General greeting) მარშიხ ვალ (>m)
(Maršix val)
მარშიხ ჲალ (>f)
(Maršix yal)
Hello (on phone)
How are you? მოჰ’ ვაჰ’? (>m)
(Moḥ vaḥ?)
მოჰ’ ჲაჰ’? (>f)
(Moḥ yaḥ?)
Reply to 'How are you?'
Long time no see
What's your name? ჰ’ოხ ვუხ წე?
(Ḥox vux cʼe?)
My name is ...
Where are you from? ჰ’ო მიჩრეჼ ვაჰ’? (>m)
(Ḥo mičrẽ vaḥ?)
ჰ’ო მიჩრეჼ ჲაჰ’ (>f)
(Ḥo mičrẽ yaḥ?)
I'm from ...
Pleased to meet you აქინდა ჰ’ო ვაბწარ (>m)
(Akinda ḥo vabcʼar)
აქინდა ჰ’ო ჲაბწარ (>f)
(Akinda ḥo yabcʼar)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Good night
(Parting phrases)
მარშმაკეშ ხილ’
(Maršmakʼeš xil’)
Good luck!
Cheers! Good Health!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Have a nice day
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
ჩამლიშ ჴალლ
(Čamliš qall)
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
მარშ ლელათ
(Marš lelat)
Yes ჰაჸ (Haʔ)
No ცო (Co)
I don't know ცო ხეჸსოჼ
(Co xeʔsõ)
I understand ხაწესოჼ
I don't understand ცო ხაწესოჼ
(Co xacʼesõ)
Please speak more slowly კატეკოშკა ჲებ ამბუჲ
(Kʼatʼekʼoškʼa yeb ambuy)
Please say that again ტყოჸ ალ’ სოგ
(Tʼq’oʔ al’ sog)
Please write it down ჩუჩაწერადებ
Do you speak English? ინგლისურ ჴეთიჰ’ოჼ?
(Inglisur qetiḥõ?)
Do you speak Batsbi?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Do you speak a language
other than
Speak to me in Batsbi
How do you say ... in Batsbi? მოჰ’ ალ’ი?
(Moḥ al’i?)
Excuse me
How much is this? ვუხ მახ და
(Vux max da)
Please შეძლებალაჰ’
Thank you მადელ ჰ’ოჼ მადელ ჴო ბალ ჰ’ოჼ
(Madel ḥõ madel qo bal ḥõ)
Reply to thank you
Where's the toilet / bathroom? ქოკეჼ ადგილ მიჩე ჲა?
(Kokʼẽ adgil miče ya?)
This gentleman will pay for everything ოჴუს დანი დაჰ’დეჴ
(Oqus dani daḥdeq)
This lady will pay for everything ოჴუს დანი დაჰ’დეჴ
(Oqus dani daḥdeq)
Would you like to dance with me? ლეიჰ’ოჼ ლეთხა ვაჸა?
(Leiḥõ letxa vaʔa?)
Do you come here often? ჴშიროშ ესე ვაჰ’? (>m)
(Qširoš ese vaḥ?)
ჴშიროშ ესე ჲაჰ’? (>f)
(Qširoš ese yaḥ?)
I miss you
I love you ვეწ სო ჰ’ოჼ (m)
(Vecʼ so ḥõ)
ჲეწ სო ჰ’ოჼ (f)
(Yecʼ so ḥõ)
Get well soon ღაზიშ ხილ’ე
(Ǧaziš xil’e)
Go away! ვოლიხ! (Volix!)
შარნ ღობ! (Šarn ǧob!)
Leave me alone!
Help! ლატალ! (Latʼal!)
Fire! წე! (Cʼe!)
Stop! ჩუოთთბებ! (Čuottbeb!)
Call the police!
Christmas greetings წინწელტიჼ ლოცადოსჰ’ოჼ
(Cʼincʼeltʼĩ locadosḥõ)
(Happy New Year)
New Year greetings წინწელტიჼ ლოცადოსჰ’ოჼ
(Cʼincʼeltʼĩ locadosḥõ)
Easter greetings
Birthday greetings დებადბე დე ლოცადოსჰ’ოჼ
(Debadbe de locadosḥõ)
One language is never enough
My hovercraft is full of eels
Where are you coming from? მიჩრეჼ ვაღო? (>m)
(Mičrẽ vaǧo?)
მიჩრეჼ ჲაღო? (>f)
(Mičrẽ yaǧo?)
Where are you going? მიჩ ვუჲტა? (>m)
(Mič vuytʼa?)
მიჩ ჲუჲტა? (>f)
(Mič yuytʼa?)
When did you come? მაცა ვეჸნა? (>m)
(Maca veʔna?)
მაცა ჲეჸნა? (>f)
(Maca yeʔna?)
Which way are you going? მიჩ ფინიხ ვუჲტა? (>m)
(Mič pinix vuytʼa?)
მიჩ ფინიხ ჲუჲტა? (>f)
(Mič pinix yuytʼa?)
I have seen a lot დუჴ დაგინდასოჼ
(Duq dagindasõ)
Are you hungry ხუმ ცო მეცვოჰ’
(Xum co mecvoḥ)
Would you like some water? ხი ხუმ ცო დეწჰ’ოჼ
(Xi xum co decʼḥõ)
Are you ill? მუჲშ ხუმ ცო ვაჰ’? (>m)
(Muyš xum co vaḥ?)
მუჲშ ხუმ ცო ჲაჰ’? (>f)
(Muyš xum co yaḥ?)
You have a bad colour მოსსიჼ ბოს ბაჰ’ოგო
(Mossĩ bos baḥogo)

Phrases provided by Jesse Wichers Schreur. Transliterations by Michael Peter Füstumum

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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