Esimbi is a member of the Tivoid group of Atlantic-Congo languages. It is spoken in the Menchum Division of the Northwest Province of Cameroon by about 34,800 people, particularly in and around the town of Benakuma, and along the Menchum River.

Esimbi is also known as Isimbi, Simpi, Age, Aage, Bogue or Mburugam. There are two main dialects: Upper Esimbi, which is spoken around the town of Benakuma, and Lower Esimbi, which is spoken closer to the Nigeria border.

There is a way to write Esimbi with the Latin alphabet. It is based on l'Alphabet général des langues camerounaises (AGLC), or the General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages, which was devised in the 1970s.

Esimbi alphabet

Esimbi alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Esimbi (Excel)

Sample text

Mêpiŋini kitumbu otə kigimi ɛyunə oo. Tɔdzɔdzəbhərə, medzəbhərə, mesesə, mikpi-akpi, kôrəmbə mofulu ori əhə ufulu. Amu otsə nɔgə

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Sample video in Esimbi


Information about Esimbi

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