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Laalaa is a member of the Cangin branch of Niger-Congo languages and is spoken in the Laa (Lehar) region of of Senegal by about 12,000 people. It is also known as Lehar, and is closely related to Noon, and also to Ndut, Palor and Saafi.

Laalaa alphabet and pronunciation

Laalaa alphabet and pronunciation

Ƴ is pronounced [ʄ] at the beginning or in the middle of words, and [ʔʲ] at the end of words.

Sample text in Laalaa

Zizo teete late to mmmto to teto, to gadi su gadipalate to mmte. Gadi su aate to aanu, to mm su zo mm toto.

Sample video in Laalaa

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Bandial, Bariba, Efik, Ibibio, Kambari, Kissi, Kom, Laalaa, Limba, Mbum, Noon, Safen, Supyire, Temne, Ubang, Yemba

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