Supyire (sùpyìré)

Supyire is a member the Senufo branch of the Altantic-Congo language family spoken by about 450,000 people in the south east of Mali and northern Ivory Coast. The language is also known as Shempire or Syenpire, and the native name, sùpyìré means "the people" or "the language spoken by the people".

The Supyire alphabet was devised by the Direction nationale d’alphabétisation fonctionnelle et de linguistique appliquée (DNAFL), in collaboration with SIL.

Supyire alphabet and pronunciation

Supyire pronunciation



- Ecrivons Le Supyire, Wuu Supyire Semɛ, Orthographe et Grammaire Pratiques du Senoufo de Kampolondougou
- Ɲwɔkanbwuunni Supyire - Tubabushɛɛnre Tubabushɛɛnre - Supyire, Lexique De L'Orthographe Supyire

Information contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Sample video in Supyire

Information about Supyire, Numbers, Tower of Babel


Information about the Supyire languageé

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