Noon is a member of the Cangin branch of Niger-Congo languages and is spoken in the Thiès region of of Senegal by about 33,000 people. It is also known as Non, None or Serer-Noon. It is closely related to Laalaa, and to Ndut, Palor and Saafi.

Noon alphabet and pronunciation

The Noon alphabet was standarised by decree of the Senegalese government in 2005.

Noon alphabet

A a B b Ɓ ɓ C c D d Ɗ ɗ E e Ë ë F f G g
H h I i J j K k L l M m N n Ñ ñ Ŋ ŋ O o
P p R r S s T t U u W w Y y Ƴ ƴ ʼ  

Noon prounciation

Noon pronunciation

Ƴ is pronounced [ʄ] at the beginning or in the middle of words, and [ʔʲ] at the end of words.

Sample text in Noon

Baal waaree koynoh, ee endii mban koynoh. Ya ka’ta ga naah, yëedi’ti kiléemuk, bi ya min ki’am naalaa kuliyuk ga yopaa cigidooda. Koynohkaa kinéwi’kaa ya séentuk ga naalaada, ya waarinka kiyooh. Naalaa yakinbi o’oo, yaanaawin dùr, bi man na cooni-enoh kiyaanaaw. Ya lùul dii rekaa, man na gayindi yëri fiip.
(Léemukaa Baal na enohfaa)


Baal wanted meat but not any meat. He went to a magician so that he learns to bewitch him so he can catch the bull who leads the herd of the panther. He wanted to taste good meat that was to be the flesh of the bull. The bull was really big; He was white, as white as the butterfly. When he roared, it was like a lion roaring.
( The spell of the cow by Baal, the hyena)

Details of Noon supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Noon


Information about the Noon language

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