Iceve-Maci is a member of the Tivoid group of Atlantic-Congo languages. It is spoken in southwest Cameroon and southeast Nigeria by about 20,000 people. In Cameroon there are speakers of Iceve-Maci in and around Akwaya town in the Manyu Division of the South-West Region, and in Nigeria it is spoken mainly in Oban-liku Local Government Area of Cross River State, and also in Itokase village in the southeast of Benue State.

Iceve-Maci is also known as Ceve, Iceve or Oliti. There are two dialects: Iceve and Ici. Iceve is spoken by the Bacheve people in Cross River State of Nigeria and in the highlands southwest of Akwaya in Cameroon. Ici is spoken by the Oliti people in lowlands east of Akwaya in Cameroon, and in Benue State in Nigeria.

There is a way to write Iceve-Maci with the Latin alphabet. Several language committees in Cameroon and Nigeria worked on an orthography between 2013 and 2017. Few speakers of Iceve-Maci are literate, and there is little literature available in the language.

Iceve-Maci alphabet (Acɛlɑ ɑyɛ oŋɡwe kɑn Iceve)

Iceve-Maci alphabet (Acɛlɑ ɑyɛ oŋɡwe kɑn Iceve)

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Tone indication appears to be optional.

Sample text

Ɔtamɛ nɛ Ikowu ɛnɛ ɔlɛ-lɛ. Ɔlɛ. Otum ɔswaŋɛ. Otum ɔswaŋɛ ovo. Ɛnɛ Ikowu ɛmʉwa, ɛnɛ ɛza kɛ nɛ Ɔtamɛ, nɛ Ɔtamɛ ala ɔ̃pɔlʉ ɛn ɛkʉndʉ ɛna. Ɛnɛ Ɔtamɛ osimi ɛkʉndʉ, ɛnɛ ɔpɔlʉ Ikowu. Ɛnɛ Ikowu ɛza ozindi. Ikowu ɛza ozindi, ɛca kini afe masɛ ataŋɛn. Ikowu ikul va.


Once upon a time, Hawk and Chicken were there. They build compound, they built their compound. Then Chicken went to Hawk and Hawk said it should lend it its outfit. So hawk got out the outfit and lent it to Chicken. The Chicken went on a journey. Chicken went on a journey for about five days. Chicken came back.


Sample video in Iceve-Maci


Information about Iceve-Maci

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