Frafra (ninkãrɛ / gʋrnɛ / fãrfãre)

Frafra is member of the Gur branch of Niger-Congo languages. It is spoken by about 663,100 people in northern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso. In Ghana Frafra is spoken by about 638,000 people in the Frafra area of the Bolgatanga municipal district of the Upper East region.

There are also about 25,100 speakers of Frafra in Boulgou province of the Centre-Est region, and in Narhouri and Zoundweogo provinces of the Centre-Sud region.

Frafra is also known as Farefare, Gurene, Gurenne or Gurune. In Burkina Faso the native and official name for the language is ninkãrɛ. In Ghana the popular name for the language fãrfãre, while the name used on the radio and by some older people is gʋrnɛ.

Dialects include Gurenne, Nankani, Booni, Talni and Nabt. It is a de facto provincial language in the Upper East Region of Ghana, and is used in literature and on the radio. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Frafra alphabet and pronunciation

Frafra alphabet and pronunciation

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