Tai Dam alphabet   Tai Dam alphabet


The origins of the Tai Dam alphabet are unknown, though the shapes of the letters suggest that they might have been modelled on the Lao and/or Thai alphabets. Alternative writing systems, including some based on the Latin alphabet, are also used to write Tai Dam.

Notable features

Used to write:

Tai Dam, or Black Tai/Tai Noir, a Tai-Kadai language closely related to Lao and Thai which is spoken by around half a million people in north-western Vietnam and northern Laos. There are also Tai Dam speakers in Yunnan province of China, and in parts of northeastern and central Thailand, where they are known as Lao Song or Lao Song Dam.

Tai Dam alphabet

Tai Dam consonants

Additional symbols

These ideographic symbols are customarily addded after consonants

Tai Dam additional symbols

Vowel diacritics

Tai Dam vowel diacritics

Tone indication

  (no mark) Tai Dam tone marker Tai Dam tone marker
low consonants tone 1 tone 2 tone 3
high consonants tone 4 tone 5 tone 6

Tai Dam sample text

Tai Dam sample text

Much of the information on this page was provided by T. R. Carlton of the University of Alberta (sherwoodcopy@telusplanet.net).


Information about Tai Dam language, literature and culture (and Tai Dam fonts)

Free Tai Dam fonts

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Other writing systems

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