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Cloud and Rain    Cloud and Rain (Felhő és Eső)

Cloud and Rain (Felhő és Eső) is an alternative script for Hungarian invented by Radványi Balázs, who uses it to write his diary. It has a horizontal mode (Cloud / Felhő), and a vertical mode (Rain / Eső), which uses mirrored letters and is written in vertical lines, from top to bottom.

Notable Features

Cloud and Rain (handwritten)

Cloud and Rain

Positional forms of consonants

Cloud and Rain - positional forms of consonants

Cloud and Rain - palatalization and other modifications

Vowel diacritics

Cloud and Rain - vowel diacritics

Obligatory ligatures

Cloud and Rain - obligatory ligatures

Cloud script (printed)

The printed form has only one form for each letter, there is no connection between letters, it is written horizontal, and the diacritics are slightly different.


Cloud script (printed) consonants

Vowel diacritics

Cloud script (printed) vowel diacritics

Punctuation and numerals (printed & handwritten)

Cloud script (printed) punctuation and numerals

Sample Texts

Sample texts in the Cloud script and printed version of the Rain script

Cloud script (Felhő)

Cloud and Rain - sample text (Rain script)

If you have any questions about Cloud and Rain, you can contact Balázs at:

Also by Radványi Balázs

Cloud and Rain, Harta, Tengwar for Hungarian

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