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Simple English Alphabet Simple English Alphabet

This Simple English Alphabet was invented by Punya Pranava Pasumarty and enables the easy usage of the English language by having every letter phonetically consistent for the sake of simplicity in pronunciation. Another reason that it is simple is the fact that unlike the IPA, which is very technical about pronunciation, this is more intuitive and quicker to grasp. Punya Pranava Pasumarty has designed this script based on the Latin Alphabet while making some morphological changes remniscent of Greek or Cyrillic scripts (but not based on them). This alphabet (if implemented) has the following aims in mind:

For the purpose of writing this script, the standard for pronunciation is taken to be the Oxford Dictionary. Local variations of spelling are permitted in a limited manner keeping in mind the diversity of nations around the world and their individual styles of English language.

Notable features

* double letters may be used for transliteration purposes (not in English)

Simple English Alphabet

Simple English Alphabet

A letter is a modifier if it combines with other letters to form dipthongs or tripthongs like in English 'S' combines with 'H' to form 'Sh'. Even a macron is a modifier because when applied on any vowel it modifies its pronunciation without any extra letters. Note that the last letter of the alphabet (Y) is a vowel that appears only in combination with other vowels and has no sound in isolation.

Sample texts in Simple English Alphabet

Block version

Sample text in Simple English Alphabet - block version

Cursive version

Sample text in Simple English Alphabet - cursive version


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Other alternative scripts for English

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