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Time in Afrikaans

How to tell the time in Afrikaans, a West Germanic language descended from Dutch and spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia.

English Afrikaans
What time is it? Hoe laat is dit?
It's one o'clock Dit is eenuur
It's quarter past one Dit is kwart oor een
It's half past one Dit is half twee
It's quarter to two Dit is kwart voor twee
It's two o'clock Dit is tweeuur
It's quarter past two Dit is kwart oor twee
It's half past two Dit is half drie
It's quarter to three Dit is kwart voor drie
It's three o'clock Dit is drieuur
It's quarter past three Dit is kwart oor drie
It's half past three Dit is half vier
It's quarter to four Dit is kwart voor vier
It's four o'clock Dit is vieruur
It's quarter past four Dit is kwart oor vier
It's half past four Dit is half vyf
It's quarter to five Dit is kwart voor vyf
It's five o'clock Dit is vyfuur
It's quarter past five Dit is kwart oor vyf
It's half past five Dit is half ses
It's quarter to six Dit is kwart voor ses
It's six o'clock Dit is seuur
It's quarter past six Dit is kwart oor ses
It's half past six Dit is half sewe
It's quarter to seven Dit is kwart voor sewe
It's seven o'clock Dit is seweuur
It's quarter past seven Dit is kwart oor sewe
It's half past seven Dit half ag(t)
It's quarter to eight Dit is kwart voor ag(t)
It's eight o'clock Dit is agtuur
It's quarter past eight Dit is kwart oor ag(t)
It's half past eight Dit is half nege
It's quarter to nine Dit is kwart voor nege
It's nine o'clock Dit is negeuur
It's quarter past nine Dit is kwart oor nege
It's half past nine Dit is half tien
It's quarter to ten Dit is kwart voor tien
It's ten o'clock Dit is tienuur
It's quarter past ten Dit is kwart oor tien
It's half past ten Dit is half elf
It's quarter to eleven Dit is kart voor elf
It's eleven o'clock Dit is elfuur
It's quarter past eleven Dit is kwart oor elf
It's half past eleven Dit is half twaalf
It's quarter to twelve Dit is kwart voor twaalf
It's twelve o'clock Dit is twaalfuur
It's quarter past twelve Dit is kwart oor twaalf namiddag
It's half past twelve Dit is half een namiddag
It's quarter to one Dit is kwart voor een namiddag
it's midnight Dit is middernag
it's midday Dit is middag
in the morning In die môre / in die voormiddag
in the afternoon In die namiddag
in the evening In die aand

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