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Omniglot news (2002)

15th December

New pages: Danish, Galician, Occitan and Swedish
New translations of the Tower of Babel in Alsatian and Welsh

8th December

Improved page: Runic - now includes Short-twig, Norwegian and Medieval Runes

4th December

New page: Volapük

2nd December

New page: Interlingua

25th November

Improved pages: Chinese and Japanese

13th October

New page: Theban

1st September

New page: Ath

23 August

New translations of the Tower of Babel in Czech and Slovak

28 July

Improved pages: Syriac, Korean

7 July

New pages: Cheyenne, Icelandic, Romulan

30 June

New pages: Dutch, Gargish, German, Norwegian

18 June

New Omniglot book store now open - a selection of books about writing, language and related topics all gathered together in one place for your convenience.

3 June

New pages: Cornish and Quikscript. Improved pages: Azeri and Balinese

26 May

New pages: Soyombo, Azeri, Scottish Gaelic, Breton
Improved pages: Cham, Javanese and Lepcha

22/23 May

Moved site onto a new server. Apologies if you were unable to access it during this time.

18 May

New section: the story of the Tower of Babel in many different languages

17 May 2002

New page: 12480 Alphanumeric System

20 April

New page: Ido

1 April

New page: Esperanto

24 March

New pages: Chữ-nôm and Tangut (Xixia/Hsihsia)

17 March

New pages: Atlantean, Standard Galactic Alphabet and Unifon

23 February

New page: Orkhon alphabet (Turkic runes)

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