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Omniglot news 2014

28th December

New con-script: Garwinee'en

New phrases page in: Gothic

New numbers pages: Sauk and Swahili

New article: Why Staying Motivated When Learning a Language is So Hard

New recordings in: Hausa

21st December

New language: Kagayanen

New con-scripts: Balin-silel and Lintlik

New tongue twisters in Icelandic

New numbers page: Kagayanen

New Tower of Babel translations: Kagayanen, Khiamniungan and Yup'ik

New article: Are you embarrassed by your lack of foreign language skills?

14th December

New languages: Soninke and Umbundu

New numbers pages: Soninke and Umbundu

New Tower of Babel translation: Soninke

7th December

New con-script: Chéqua

New phrases page: Adyghe (West Circassian)

New numbers pages: Alyutor, Cherokee and Guerrero Nahuatl

New articles: Should You Always Go for the Lingua Franca? Niche Languages - Useful or Not?
and 5 Ways Language Learning Can Improve Your Life

30th November

New languages: Arawak and Wa

New numbers pages: Arawak, Maore and Yi

New Tower of Babel translations: Guerrero Nahuatl and Western Huasteca Nahuatl

23th November

New language: Ladakhi

New numbers pages: Cebaara, Matigsalug Manobo and Tagal Murut

New articles: Still Tongue-tied in America
and Why you can never learn a foreign language the way you have learnt your mother tongue

16th November

New language: Supyire

New con-script: Spiraling Syllabics

New numbers page: Supyire

New article: The Silent Language of Ships at Sea

New Tower of Babel translations: Cañar Highland Quechua, Mankanya, Supyire, Timugon Murut and Wali

9th November

New language: Tampuan

New numbers page: Bontoc

New Tower of Babel translations: Central Huasteca Nahuatl, Desano, Dyula, Mbyá Guaraní and Nyakyusa

2nd November

New languages: Tagabawà, Torres-Strait Creole and Urarina

New numbers page: Tagabawà

New Tower of Babel translation: Tagabawà

26th October

New language: Wemba Wemba

New numbers page: Selkup

New time phrases in: Low Saxon

New recordings: Irish phrases

19th October

New con-script: Diamantina

New articles: Beware! English is Tricky and Days of the week

New numbers pages: Lombard and Yakut

New colours page: Lombard

12th October

New language: Selkup

New tongue twisters in: Albanian

5th October

New languages: Megleno-Romanian and Paakantyi

New numbers page: Albanian

New kinship page: Albanian

New Tower of Babel translations: Bambam and Bontoc

New article: 5 Forecasts for the Future of Turkish

28th September

New language: Mbum

New numbers page: Dolgan

New articles: Category Conquest
The Puzzling Popularity of Languages
and The use of mnemonics in mastering a language

21st September

New languages: Dolgan and Kaurna

New con-scripts: Kantu and Neoideograms / Ids

New recordings in Sioux: Samples texts, and the Tower of Babel story

14th September

New fictional script: Dancing Men

New con-scripts: Funnish and Simtex

New articles: Combinese - an international auxiliary language
and Three Challenges of Second Language Acquisition

New video: Cómhra na nAmhrán

7th September

New languages: Fuzhounese, Puxian and Wenzhounese

New Tower of Babel translation: Musey

31st August

New languages: Caquinte and Toba Qom

New con-script: Tolianem

New article: LINGO 300 - The Miyagi Method

New recordings: Portuguese phrases

24th August

New language: Asháninka

New con-scripts: Kala Glyphs and Kitse

New phrases page: Old English

New numbers pages: Serbian and Votic

17th August

New language: Latgalian

New numbers page: Latgalian

New article: So you think you have what it takes to become an interpreter?

New video: A couple of short conversations in Serbian

Improved pages: Scots and Swahili

10th August

New adapted script: Welsh Cyrillic

New Tower of Babel translation: Mpongwe (Pongoué)

3rd August

New language: Jingulu

New con-script: Sherman's Gallifreyan

New version of the About me text in Old English / Anglo-Saxon

New Tower of Babel translation: Plattdeutsch (Märkisch-Westfälisch)

27th July

New language: Marma

New numbers page: Khakas

New articles:
- Bahasa Indonesia
- Can Having Highly Developed Cognitive Skills Stand in the Way of Learning a New Language?

20th July

New language and writing system: Mro

New numbers page: Nganasan

13th July

New languages: Nganasan and Q’anjob’al

New phrases pages: Northern Sámi and Pig Latin

New numbers page: Iban

New Tower of Babel translation: Car (-Nicobarese)

6th July

New languages: Akurio, Chayahuita and Tiriyó

New numbers pages: Abaza

29th June

New language: Manado Malay

New con-script: Sitelen

New numbers pages: Delware, Karuk and Manado Malay

22nd June

New con-script: Cylenian

New numbers pages: Eskayan and Minangkabau

New article: Form, Meaning and Use ... oh my!

15th June

New languages: Alur and Wardaman

New numbers page: Hebrew

8th June

New languages: Jaminjung and Omaha

New numbers pages: Cape Verdean Creole and Kubachi

New book store page: Constructed languages

New Tower of Babel translations: Murrinh-Patha and Ngaanyatjarra

New article: 20 Mistakes For Every English Learner To Avoid

1st June

New fictional script: Dovahzul

New numbers page: Bezhta

New Tower of Babel translations: Phom (Naga), Poumei (Naga), Riang, Sangtam, Seychelles Creole, Vaiphei, Wancho (Naga), Yimchungrü, Zeme

New articles:
- How to Learn Chinese and Not Get Discouraged
- Translation Services for Medical Device Companies
- Worlds Apart? The Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Learn Foreign Languages

25th May

New language: Guanano

New con-scripts: Conway, Rila Sign System

New phrases page: Kashmiri

New numbers page: Godoberi

New tongue twisters in: Catalan

18th May

New phrases pages: Cuyonon and Kurdish (Kurmanji)

New time page: Cuyonon

New numbers page: Oroch

New kinship page: Cuyonon

New article: Pronunciation and vocabulary practice with homonyms, homographs, homophones

11th May

New language: Oroch

New phrases page: Assyrian

New numbers page: Udmurt

New articles:
- building a phon'emic alphabet for the english language
- Translators Dictate
- Words Upon Words

New Tower of Babel translations: Cuyono, Guanano / Wanano, Huitoto and Uduk

New recordings: Albanian alphabet and the Tower of Babel in Albanian

4th May

New languages: Cubeo, Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib)

New numbers pages: Tetum, Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib)

New Tower of Babel translation: Cubeo

Improved page: Cornish phrases

27th April

New language: Fon

New con-script: Sequoia

New Tower of Babel translations: Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib), Torres Strait Creole

20th April

New language and alphabet: Lepontic

New adapted script: Kajarte

New Tower of Babel translations: Fon, Konyak and Western Bukidnon

New articles: Catalan Language Today: Between Catalonia of North and South
- The Geography of Thought ... and Language

13th April

New language and script: Chinook Jargon and Chinuk pipa

New language: Karuk

New article: The First Emperor

New recordings of: Spanish idioms

6th April

New con-script: Minngeul

New adapted scripts: Hangeul Dik Ite Tun Jang and Roman Rekhta

New phrases page: Malagasy

New numbers page: Moksha

New time pages:
- Sinitic languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwanese)
- Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese

New recordings of the: Tower of Babel in Spanish

30th March

New language: Dagaare

New phrases page: Newari / Nepal Bhasa

New con-script: Nail Script

New time telling pages in:
- Celtic languages (Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Breton, Cornish and Welsh)
- Germanic languages (Afrikaans, Dutch, German (Hochdeutsch), German (Berlinisch), Luxembourgish, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Swedish)
- Indo-Iranian languages (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu)
- Romance languages (Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish)
- Slavic languages (Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak)
- Greek, Tagalog, Turkish, Yoruba

23rd March

New con-script: Vremisian

New phrases page: Lozi

New numbers page: Aymara

New Tower of Babel translations: Hrangkhol, Karbi, Lamba and Chang

New articles:
- Pros and cons of learning a language "in classroom"
- Translating a website: mistakes to avoid
- 5 biggest challenges of learning English

New recordings: Punjabi phrases

16th March

New languages: Paicî and Xârâcùù

New articles:
- The benefits of learning a second language
- What's in a Name?

9th March

New language: Ndrumbea

New numbers page: Cuyonon

New Tower of Babel translations: Gangte and Nunggubuyu

New article: Family Matters

2nd March

New language: Bundjalung

New articles:
- Difficulties Faced in Legal Document Translation
- Why Foreign Languages Can Help Us Better Understand English

New multilingual page: Computer parts in various languages

New songs: A Gnu in My Shoe and How many roads?

Improved page: Klingon phrases

23rd February

New language: Teleut

New numbers page: Shor

New Tower of Babel translation: Gumatj

New songs in Finnish: Kulkuset (Jingle Bells) and Jouluyö, Juhlayö (Silent Night)

New article: 10 Words English Language Wouldn't Have Without Shakespeare

Improved page: Brazilian Portuguese phrases

16th Feburary

New language: Cuyonon

New numbers pages: Teleut, Ulch

New page: Names of zodiac signs in various languages

New article: How To Stay Motivated When Learning A 2nd Language: Tips And Quotes

9th February

New languages: Kikuyu and Llanito

New article: Can A Dog Reach A Toddler's Level of Language Acquisition?

New Tower of Babel translations: Dungan, Ifugao and Nanti

2nd February

New language: Ajië

New Tower of Babel translations: Bulu, Kim, Mundang, Northwest Gbaya, Tupuri

New articles:
- Learning a New Language? Don't Forget the Teacher!
- The Keys to Improving Language Education

Improved page: Armenian

26th January

New languages: Aklan and Ulch

New numbers pages: Iloko and Rapa Nui

New articles:
- How Early Should We Teach Kids A Second Language?
- Tips To Get The Most Out Of Paid Language Classes On Skype

New recordings: Albanian phrases

19th January

New con-script: Code Script

New adapted script: Lithuanian Cyrillic alphabet

New recordings: Tower of Babel in Modern Greek

New article: Is it better to learn a language in a class or on your own?

12th January

New numbers pages: Hunzib and Tsakhur

New kinship page: Finnish

New articles:
- Learning the Local Language Can Help Immigrants Integrate Into Their New Home
- Exciting Careers Where Language Skills Are Vital

New page: About the Omniglot logo

5th January 2014

New con-script: Ālḵavat Yat-Vṛḵaẕīkam

New Tower of Babel translation: Altay

New numbers page: Lezgi

New kinship pages: Bengali and Hindi

Happy New Year!

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