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Munsee (Huluníixsuwaakan)

Munsee is an Eastern Algonquian language spoken on the Moraviantown Reserve in Ontario in Canada by 7 or 8 elderly people. Some younger people are also learning the language.

Munsee is also known as Munsee Delaware, Delaware or Ontario Delaware, and was formerly spoken in the area of New York City, including Long Island, Manhattan Island, Staten Island, northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Munsee speakers call themselves Delaware in English, and Lunaape [lənáːpeːw] in Munsee. They call their language Huluníixsuwaakan [hə̀lə̆ni·xsəwá·kan].

Munsee alphabet and pronunciation

Munsee alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Munsee (PDF)

Information about Munsee pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel


Information about Munsee

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