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Omniglot news 2013

29th December

New con-script: Bariz Upper Case Arabic

New numbers pages: Hausa, Ibaloi and Koryak

New articles:
- 10 Cultural Differences And Facts That Make The World Interesting
- Bilingualism Around The World: The Amazon To Siberia

New idioms in Japanese

22nd December

New con-script: Pranish

New phrases page: Banjar

New numbers page: Bugis

New French grammar lessons:
- Dialogue et récit entremêlés : Récit rapporté dans le discours
- Différents types d'usage : Types d'usage
- Différents types d'usage : Discours
- Différents types d'usage : Usage dialogique
- Différents types d'usage : Usage narratif
- Enoncé et énonciation : Différence entre Situation d'énonciation déterminée et indéterminée
- Enoncé et énonciation : La modalisation
- Cohérence textuelle : Thèmes et Propos
- Cohérence textuelle : Thèmes et Propos – Progression Thématique

15th December

New language: Mandinka

New numbers pages: Chechen and Tausūg

New proverbs page: Tausūg

New Tower of Babel translation: Sango

New articles:
- Language Matters: Is There Still A Case To Study Languages In An English-Dominated World?
- The Business Case For Bilingualism: Why Multilinguals Earn More

New French grammar lesson: Dialogue et récit entremêlés : Discours rapporté dans le Récit

Improved page: Uyghur

8th December

New con-script: Phineon

New phrases page: Swiss German (Chur dialect)

New numbers pages: Nani, Talysh, Vietnamese

New article: How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Improved page: Vietnamese colours

1st December

New languages: Onondaga and Rapa Nui

New phrases page: Old Russian

New section: French grammar

New numbers pages: Hawaiian and Tajik

New book store pages: Hawaiian and Rapa Nui,

24th November

New language: Mankanya

New phrases page: Kyrgyz

New idioms page: Spanish

New numbers pages: Karakalpak, Malagasy, Masbateño, Old Celtic languages and Uzbek

New song: Ja, må han (hon) leva (Swedish birthday song)

New recording: Tower of Babel in Burmese

17th November

New languages: Bavarian and Karen

New numbers page: Yakan

New article: How to Avoid Mixing Up while Learning to Speak Multiple Languages

New Tower of Babel translation: Sgaw Karen

10th November

New languages: Lozi, Makassarese, Mandar

New numbers page: Maranao

New Tower of Babel translations: Marba and Lozi

New article: Top 10 Spanish phrases to get by in Argentina

3rd November

New languages: Guanche and Maranao

New phrases page: Igbo

New numbers page: Nahuatl

New Tower of Babel translations: Garifuna, Konkomba, Madurese, Maranao, Southern Mam

New article: Why is Learning Spanish More of a Necessity Than a Choice Today?

27th October

New language: Neo-Mandaic

New con-script: Unified Alphabet

New numbers page: Georgian

New article: Best games to teach children how to speak French

New Tower of Babel translation: Enindhilyagwa

20th October

New languages: Jewish Neo-Aramaic, Turoyo and Western Neo-Aramaic

New song: Báidín Fheilimí

Improved page: Karaim

13th October

New languages: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic and Chaldean Neo-Aramaic

New colours page: Korean

New numbers page: Tofa

Improved page: Kurdish

6th October

New con-script: Four-segment Alphabet

New numbers page: Turkish

New articles:
- Discover Italy, its language and culture in Bologna
- UKIP to revert to Anglo-Saxon Runic script

New recordings of: Sinhala phrases

29th September

New language: Urum

New con-script: EurAlfabet™

New articles:
- Advance Your English & Stay Happy
- The Difficulties Involved in Spanish-English Translation

New Tower of Babel translation: Venedic

New About the Author translation in: Icelandic

Improved pages: Cyrillic and Russian

22nd September

New languages: Tshangla and Tswa

New colours page: Scottish Gaelic

New Tower of Babel translations: Binumarien and Nassian

New recordings of: Marathi phrases

New book store page: Māori

Improved page: Assamese phrases

15th September

New languages: Karaim, Ronga, Tofa

New con-script: LLL

New Tower of Babel translation: Valencian

8th September

New con-script: Fennim

New phrases page: Swiss German (Lucerne dialect)

New numbers page: Adyghe

New article: The Listening Process: Reception vs Response

New book store pages: Algonquian Languages and Cree

1st September

New language: Bouyei

New article: Online Vs. In-Person Language Learning: Who Wins?

25th August

New phrases and recordings in: Sardinian (Campidanese dialect)

New articles: Studying English in the USA and Visiting the Homeland

New song (in Irish): An Cailín Gaelach

18th August

New languages: Futunan and Pennsylvania German

New con-script: Rencem

New Tower of Babel translations: Acholi, Faiwol and Kosena

New songs (in Irish): An Droighneán Donn | An Saighdiúir Tréigthe | An Seanduine Dóite | Cailín na Gruaige Báine

New article: Student Language Exchange

New recordings: Tower of Babel in Norwegian

11th August

New languages: Tindi and Tsakhur

New con-script: Uniscript

New article: 5 Interesting Endangered Languages With Fewer Than 10,000 Speakers

New songs: Mo Mhadadh Beag, Spollagyn son tey / Chips for tea, Túirne Mháíre

New book store page: Punctuation

4th August

New con-scripts: Hopyratian and Sorur

New articles:
- The Secret to Raising a Bilingual Child
- The Ten Commandments (of Raising a Bilingual Child)
- Warning to New Parents Who Dream of Raising a Bilingual Child

28th July

New languages: Kryts, Kubachi

New article: Good grammar makes you happy

New recording: Article 1 of the UDHR in Burmese

21st July

New language: Flemish

New translation: About page in Hungarian

New articles:
- Approaching the Thai Language
- Filipino: A new language excursion
- İngilizce öğrenmek için yapılmaması gerekenler / Errors that Shouldn't be Made While Learning English

New song: Plinkin Plookplooks

14th July

New in writing systems: Xibe, Anglo-Saxon Runes

New con-script: СКАЗЬ (CKA3b/skaz')

New phrases page: Nahuatl

New articles:
- A Theory of Sentencoids
- How To Learn French the Fast Way Before Traveling Abroad - The Best Way To Learn A Language Is To Have A Personalized And Diverse Approach

Improved page: Manchu

7th July

New con-scripts: Persian-Avestan and Xelbet

New article: 5 Tips to improve your Chinese

New Tower of Babel translations: Cashibo, Iu Mien, Kahua, Massa, Mbunda, Swati

30th June

New con-scripts: Bine and Galderish

New Tower of Babel translations: Erzya, Kalmyk, Khoekhoe, Lenje, Moksha, Yalunka

New recordings: Hawaiian phrases

23rd June

New language: Khinalug

New articles:
- Fathers' Communication Skills and Why They Matter in Raising Bilingual Children
- How to improve your English if you are an EAL student - Learning Mandarin Chinese for Beginners
- Why learn English in Malta

New Tower of Babel translations: Rif Tamazight, Palatine German

New book store page: Romance languages

16th June

New con-script: Lirean

New in writing systems: Cuneiform

New Chinese page: Classifiers in Mandarin and Cantonese

New phrases page: Northern Ndebele

New Tower of Babel translations: Kabardian, Rif Tamazight, Swabian

9th June

New languages: Chamalal and Karata

New articles:
- Bicultural Identity: What Does That Mean?
- Parenting Techniques for Bilingual Children to Promote Bilingual Education
- The Benefits of Being Bilingual: People Think You're a Genius
- The Origins Of Pidgin English
- Who Receives The Benefits of Bilingual Education?

2nd June

New alphabet: Kaddare

New languages: Bagvalal, Bats, Botlikh, Bushi, Maore

New Tower of Babel translations: Tajik, Konkani

New article: Being Bilingual: Connecting With Others

New language sample: Universal Declaration of Human Rights in British Sign Language (BSL)

Improved page: Ndebele

26th May

New con-script: Sroifisi

New article: Studying Korean: The Surprising Joy-Ride of a New Language

New in songs: Italian birthday songs

New Tower of Babel translations: Avar, Kambera, Tontemboan, Wandamen

19th May

New scripts: Ataic and Latinate (Aramaic) Script

New articles: Ad Infinitum: A Biography of Latin - A Review and The Last Lingua Franca, English Until the Return of Babel - A Review

New song translation: Happy Birthday in Russian

New Tower of Babel translations: Alyawarr, Batak Angkola, Guugu Yalandji, Koreguaje, Quetzaltenango Mam, South Giziga, Warlpiri

12th May

New scripts: Indogana and Slinseng-Fi

New kinship page: Javanese

New Tower of Babel translations: Assamese, Bavarian, Chayahuita, Embera, Galela, Huambisa, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, Shipibo, Yaminhua, Yucuna

New gallery section: Sign alphabet pictures

5th May

New language: Andi

New numbers page: Javanese

New articles: Using etymology in English language learning, Learning the Value of Chinese Characters and Portuguese and Spanish: Some Musings

28th April

New con-script: Arduric

Updated con-script: Lepru (formerly Banleyu)

New Tower of Babel translations: Ata, Yongkom

New articles: Empires of the Word - A review, What does an interpreter do?

21st April

New writing system: Jenticha, Kulitan and Tikamuli

New con-script: Ederic

New Tower of Babel translation: Amarasi, Helong, Kupang, Luang, Míkmaq, Tetun Dili

New song: A Panda in a Poncho

14th April

New con-script: Ryonic

New numbers pages: French, Italian

New article: The Jabberwocky of English Language

New Tower of Babel translation: Sunuwar

7th April

New languages: Ki'che' and Toraja-Sa'dan

New Tower of Babel translations: Buryat, Chuvash

31st March

New language: Nias

New Tower of Babel translations: Chumburung, K’iche’, Kichwa, Kissi, Kpelle, Sar, Sumo/Mayangna, Mbay, Ngambay, Teso, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Yakut, Yucatec Maya

24th March

New in writing: Iban and Mizo

New article: The Easy Thrills of a Difficult Language: Chinese For All of Us

New Tower of Babel translations: Achang, Balinese, Biatah Bidayuh, Guarani, Iban, Jingpho, Lahu, Lashi, Lhao Vo, Mizo, Siyin, Toraja-Sa'dan, Wa

17th March

New kinship page: Turkish

New phrases page: Maldivian

Improved phrases page: North Frisian

10th March

New fictional script: Halo Covenant alphabet

New con-script: Rjo

New multilingual page: Names of the seven dwarfs in various languages

New article: Collecting Foreign Tongues

3rd March

New language: Tepehuán

New Tower of Babel translation: Chechen

New articles: Learning a Language with Games and a Travel Story, Methods that Help You Learn and Retain a Language of Choice

24th Februrary

New Tower of Babel translations: Borana, Luba-Katanga, Mafa, Tetela

New song: Hints of Blossom

New article: Teaching English in China

Improved page: Khowar

17th February

New con-scripts: aLrazikhuzairi, Iltantukaisavuara and tinta Pyanaw

New Tower of Babel translations: Kamba, Kyaka, Ndonga and Yipma

New articles:
- English Evolution Over The Last Millennium And Where It May Be Heading
- How to Master a Foreign Language without Enrolling for a Formal Course
- Japan's Bean-Throwing Ritual

10th February

New language: Khowar

New con-script: Idiotish

Improved pages: Javanese, and Tibetan phrases

New Tower of Babel translation: Venda

3rd February

New con-script: Baric

New Tower of Babel translation: Kwanyama

New article: Esperanto in Toronto?

27th January

New writing system: Mongolian Horizontal Square Script

New con-script: Gurkha

New Tower of Babel translations: Cofán, Fijian, Swiss German

Improved page: Mongolian

20th January

New language: Guernésiais

New con-script and conlang: Ygyde

New Tower of Babel translations: Kurdish, Tatar and Tuvan

New articles:
- 5 Reasons to Learn Latin
- Google or Bing Translator: Which One Should You Choose?
- Preserving The Irish Language: A Possible Resurgence In Popularity?
- Technology Gives New Spark to Minority Language

13th January

New languages: Crow, Garifuna and Tariana

New con-script: Elburujimad

New page: Index of languages by family

New article: Benefits of learning Spanish for career advancement

6th January

New videos: Cosmonauts (Russian), The Second Wish (Short story in English)

New Tower of Babel translations: Dawida and Luragooli

New article: Learning a Slavic Language

Happy New Year!

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