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Karuk is spoken by some 40 people along the Klamath river in northwest of California in the USA. It is very little in common with any other language, but has been classified as a member of the northern group of Hokan languages, along Chimariko and Shasta, which are spoken in the same area. The name Karuk, which is also written Karok, comes from the word Káruk, which means 'upriver' in the Karuk language.

A grammar of Karuk was produced by the linguist William Bright in 1957, a time when several hundred people spoken the language. The number of speakers has declined significantly since then.

The Karuk by the Karuk Language Restoration Committee works in conjunction with Karuk tribal members and the Karuk Tribal Council to assist in reviving the Karuk language.

Karuk alphabet and pronunciation

Karuk alphabet and pronunciation

Example of spoken Karuk

Information about Karuk | Numbers in Karuk


Information about the Karuk language

Karuk dictionary

Official website of the Karuk Tribe

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