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Natchez (Naacee)

Natchez is a language isolate that was spoken in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma in the USA by the Natchez people. Today most Natchez people live in Oklahoma and a are enrolled in the federally recognized Cherokee and Muscogee (Creek) nations. There are also Natchez communities in South Carolina.

Natchez is possibly related to the Muskogean languages, such as Creek and Koasati.

The last fluent speakers of Natchez, Watt Sam and Nancy Raven, died in 1944 and 1957 respectively. They worked with the linguist, Mary R. Haas, in the 1930s to document their language. Since 2011 the Natchez nation has been working to revive their language, and there are now a few Natchez speakers.

Natchez alphabet and pronunciation

Natchez alphabet and pronunciation

Details of the Natchez alphabet and pronuciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Download alphabet chart fors Natchez in Excel or PDF format.


Information about Natchez

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