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Yuchi/Euchee (yUdjEha)

Yuchi, or Euchee, is a language isolate spoken in east central Oklahoma. It was formly spoken in parts of Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama, however the Yuchi were forcibly movedd to Oklahoma in the early 19th century. There are three native speakers of Yuchi, all of whom are over 80, and maybe another ten fluent speakers.

Efforts are being made to revive Yuchi in the form of the Euchee (Yuchi) Language Project (yUdjEha gO'wAdAnA k'ak'unE-chE), which involves the last remaining native speakers passing on the language to younger members of the tribe through immersion methods in the Yuchi House, and through master-apprentice teams, children's immersion programs and language camps.

The Yuchi call themselves Tso ya ha ("people of the sun"), and add different prefixes to words when refering to Yuchis or non-Yuchis. For example, a Yuchi woman is referred to as sAdE'nê and a non-Yuchi woman as wAdE'nê

Yuchi alphabet and pronunciation

Yuchi alphabet and pronunciation

Sample sentences in Yuchi

yUdjEha OhahanE Enu yUdjEhaA OdzOTa
The Euchee elders, they are teaching me the Euchee language.

yUdjEha gO'wAdenAA gOyUOnda nEchE s@nlA
It's good to know the Euchee language.

gO^ thl@PAe^ yUdjEha gO'wAdenAA OwAdAnE
Only about 10 people speak the Euchee language

yUdjEha gOwAdenAA so^kAnu!
The Euchee language is still here.

yUdjEha nAno^ so^ kA nA nu We
The Euchee people, are still here.



Information about the Yuchi language and people

Audio recordings in Yuchi!audio--chuda

sôKAnAnô: We Are Still Here - a short documentary about the Euchee (Yuchi) Language Project

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