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Soga (Lusoga)

Soga is a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Busoga region of southern Uganda by about 2.2 million people. The speakers are known as Basoga, and the language is closely related to Luganda and Gwere.

Soga was first written during the 19th century. More recently the Lusoga Language Authority (LULA) has worked to standardise written Soga, and has published a number of books, including grammar books, dictionaries, books of stories, and so on. Soga is currently taught in some schools and universties in the Busoga region.

Soga alphabet and pronunciation

Soga alphabet and pronunciation


C, J and R are used mainly on foreign loanwords.

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Information about Soga | Numbers in Soga | Tower of Babel in Soga


Information about the Soga language

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