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Wemba Wemba

Wemba Wemba is a Pama-Nyungan language formerly spoken in Victoria in Australia along the tributaries of the Murrumbidgee River particularly on the Loddon river, north to Swan Hill, on the Avoca river, south to near Quambatook, northeastward to Boorooban and Moulamein in New South Wales, near Barham, at Lake Boga and Boort. The language is only known as Wamba Wamba.

Efforts are currently being made to revive the language, such as an annual Wamba Wamba Perrepa Perrepa Cultural Week.

Wemba Wemba alphabet and pronunciation

Wemba Wemba alphabet and pronunciation

Download a chart of the Wemba Wemba alphabet (PDF, in German)

Information about Wemba Wemba pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel


Information about the Wemba Wemba language and people

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