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Yaghnobi (yaɣnobī́ zivók / яғнобӣ зивок)

Yaghnobi is a member of the Eastern Iranian branch of Indo-Iranian languages. It is spoken by about 12,500 in Tajikistan who originally lived in the Yaghnob valley in Zarafshan in the northwest of Tajikistan, but who were moved to Zafarobod in Sughd province in the 1990s. Some have since returned to Yaghnob.

Yaghnobi is used mainly within families, while Tajik is used for business and formal situations. In the 1990s a way of writing the language using the Latin alphabet was devised; before then the language was not written. There is also a version of the Cyrillic alphabet as used for Tajik which was adapted for Yaghnobi by Sayfiddīn Mīrzozoda of the Tajik Academy of Sciences.

Latin alphabet for Yaghnobi

Latin alphabet for Yaghnobi

Cyrillic alphabet for Yaghnobi

Cyrillic alphabet for Yaghnobi

Sample text in Yaghnobi

Sample text in Yaghnobi

Source: А.Л. Хромов, Ягнобский язык, издательство «Наука», Москва – 1972.

Sample text supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl


Information about the Yaghnobi language and people

Online Yaghnobi - Tajik - English lexicon (PDF)

Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar

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