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Talysh (tolışə zıvon / толышә зывон / تالشی زَوُن)

Talysh is a Northwestern Iranian language with about 500,000 to 1 million speakers in Gilan and Ardabil provinces in Iran, and in southern parts of Azerbaijan. It has three main clusters of dialects: Northern, Central and Southern, with the Northern dialect spoken in Azerbaijan and Iran, and the others in Iran. There is some mutual intelligibilty between Talysh and Persian.

Talysh is currently written with the Perso-Arabic script in Iran, and with a version of the Latin alphabet in Azerbaijan. In 1929 a Latin-based orthography was devised for Talysh in the Soviet Union, which was replaced by a Cyrillic-based one in 1938, although the latter was not widely used.

Talysh alphabet and pronunciation

Talysh script

Information about Talysh compiled by Wolfram Siegel

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Information about the Talysh language

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