How to write dates in Japanese

When talking about days of the month in Japanese some numbers have special forms, and a mixture of native Japanese and Sino-Japanese numbers are used.

Dates are written year, month, day, possibly followed by the day of the week. For example, today’s date in Japanese is 2024年05月29日 (29/05/2024). Japanese or Western numerals can be used. Days of the week are often abbreviated to the first character, e.g. 水 = 水曜日 (Wednesday).

For years you can use the Gregorian calendar, e.g. 2023, 2022, etc. The Japanese era names (元号, gengō) are also used, such as 明治 (Meiji) = 1868-1912, 大正 (Taishō) = 1912-1926, 昭和 (Shōwa) = 1926-1989, 平成 (Heisei) = 1989-2019, 令和 (Reiwa) = 2019-present. For example, 2023 = 令和05年.

More details

Day 日本語 (Japanese)
1st 一日, (ついたち, tsuitachi)
2nd 二日, (ふつか, futsuka)
3rd 三日, (みっか, mikka)
4th 四日, (よっか, yokka)
5th 五日, (いつか, itsuka)
6th 六日, (むいか, muika)
7th 七日, (なのか, nanoka)
8th 八日, (ようか, yōka)
9th 九日, (ここのか, kokonoka)
10th 十日, (とおか, tōka)
11th 十一日, (じゅういちにち, jūichi-nichi)
12th 十二日, (じゅうににち, jūni-nichi)
13th 十三日, (じゅうさんにち, jūsan-nichi)
14th 十四日, (じゅうよっか, jūyokka)
15th 十五日, (じゅうごにち, jūgo-nichi)
16th 十六日, (じゅうろくにち, jūroku-nichi)
17th 十七日, (じゅうしちにち, jūshichi-nichi)
18th 十八日, (じゅうはちにち, jūhachi-nichi)
19th 十九日, (じゅうくにち, jūku-nichi)
20th 二十日, (はつか, hatsuka)
21st 二十一日, (にじゅういちにち, nijūichi-nichi)
22nd 二十二日, (にじゅうににち, nijūni-nichi)
23rd 二十三日, (にじゅうさんにち, nijūsan-nichi)
24th 二十四日, (にじゅうよっか, nijūyokka)
25th 二十五日, (にじゅうごにち, nijūgo-nichi)
26th 二十六日, (にじゅうろくにち, nijūroku-nichi)
27th 二十七日, (にじゅうしちにち, nijūshichi-nichi)
28th 二十八日, (にじゅうはちにち, nijūhachi-nichi)
29th 二十九日, (にじゅうくにち, nijūku-nichi)
30th 三十日, (さんじゅうにち, sanjū-nichi)
31st 三十一日, (さんじゅういちにち, sanjūichi-nichi)


Months of the year

January 一月 (ichigatsu)
February 二月 (nigatsu)
March 三月 (sangatsu)
April 四月 (shigatsu)
May 五月 (gogatsu)
June 六月 (rokugatsu)
July 七月 (sichigatsu)
August 八月 (hachigatsu)
September 九月 (kugatsu)
October 十月 (jūgatsu)
November 十一月 (jūichigatsu)
December 十二月 (jūnigatsu)


Days of the week

Monday 月曜日 (getsuyōbi)
Tuesday 火曜日 (kayōbi)
Wednesday 水曜日 (suiyōbi)
Thursday 木曜日 (mokuyōbi)
Friday 金曜日 (kinyōbi)
Saturday 土曜日 (doyōbi)
Sunday 日曜日 (nichiyōbi)


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Information about days of the month in Japanese

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